Pentagon workers tied to child porn

Thanks to Lori Price of Citizens for Legitimate Government for featuring this story from Could it be that in order to get a top secret or higher security clearance, the government has to be absolutely certain that it can control you, and therefore gives preference to child molesters who fear exposure? I know from personal experience working for a very brief time as a civilian at a Navy base, that not only did they have a child molesting ring there, but that they also tried to lure people into taking part so that they'd have something to hold over them and be able to control them totally. Many of those with the highest security clearances and the top jobs were involved with the child molesting ring, but it was impossible to prove as the children were disbelieved and the only adults in a position to blow the whistle were those who would also have incriminated themselves. It seems from the story that because the perps had high-level security clearances, the investigations were kept secret. Who better to commit crimes than those who know that their activities will be considered state secrets?

I think you nailed another one here...

Yeah... seems many in government are being outed for differences and others are being exposed... maybe the exposed didn't do something right... or maybe they just want everyone to meet their new immoral government... here it is... whatcha gonna do?

You posted this first and I apologize for not seeing it.

Sometimes I don't look. Bad folkie!


No apology necessary :) I am happy that you front paged it... Thank you and thanks to Lori as well for further exposure of this story

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