Today is the birthday of the granddaughter I'll never meet.

I wasn't a fit parent and I didn't get to raise my daughters. One of them emails me occasionally. The other, the younger one, does not. It is the younger one, the lesbian, who had children, a son and a daughter apparently conceived by in vitro fertilization. She and her partner are wealthy, living in one of the most exclusive and expensive New York City neighborhoods, and they belong to a gay Jewish synagogue of which the partner was (or is) Treasurer.

I did meet my grandson once, when they took a trip to Los Angeles on business, and paid my Amtrak fare so that I could meet and spend an afternoon with them. He was the worst spoiled brat I'd ever seen. He demanded and got constant attention from both mothers, and his wish was their command. In every photo they sent me, he was smiling, confident, and even arrogant.

But when my granddaughter was born a few years later, the photos were different. I've never seen a photo of her smiling. In every picture, she looked sad and confused, typical of a little girl in a patriarchal family who is discriminated against in favor of a son and doesn't know why. And this with lesbian parents. Oh, she is fed and clothed according to their social class, but she is never given the attention and support needed to build confidence and self-esteem.

When I mentioned this, I was cut off and never got any more photos.

So today is a day I think of my granddaughter and hope she grows up into an anti-patriarchal feminist. I hope her brilliant intellect will one day enable her to comprehend why she was emotionally abused and will help her to overthrow the patriarchal State of Israel and the patriarchal Jewish religion, so that other little girls can be given equal treatment without regard to sex.

I hope she becomes the Margaret Sanger, Rosa Luxemburg, and Emma Goldman of her day, and achieves more than all three combined. I hope the humiliation and degradation she is suffering now turns into a nuclear weapon for female equality that changes the world.

May the force be with her, as I cannot.

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