The Pecking Order is for Chickens - by Mark E. Smith

A friend, Gary Ghirardi in Caracas, recently sent me an article written in 2013 by Max Forte, that attempts to explain, in part, why the US invaded Grenada.

Thirty Years After the U.S. Invasion of Grenada, the First Neoliberal War

The attack on Grenada came just two days after the loss of 241 U.S. Marines and other troops in Beirut. Needless to say, Grenada was in no way responsible for the attack on the barracks in Beirut but after the humiliations of Viet Nam, Watergate, and the attack in Beirut, the US needed a victory. So it picked out an easy target and cobbled together some lame propaganda to try to justify it.

The US seems to make it a habit to respond to attacks by bombing or invading countries that were not involved in the attacks. After 9/11, the US attacked Iraq and Afghanistan, neither of which was responsible for 9/11. When the US suffers a loss or a defeat, it rarely fights back--instead it seeks an easy victory someplace else. But the US underestimated both Iraq and Afghanistan and is still mired in both places.

There is no geopolitical explanation for this. Instead there is a psychological explanation. The United States is a bully, and bullies never fight back--they simply pick on those who are weaker. The Rockefellers, banksters, and other war profiteers don't care who is attacked or why, as they make money from all military adventures.

But once you understand the psychology behind it, US military response is predictable. The US is a strict adherent to patriarchal authoritarianism and hierarchy. So it will never strike back if harmed. The fact that it was harmed means that there is an adversary with enough power to do harm. So the US looks for somebody weaker with less power, less rank, lower on the totem pole, lower in the pecking order, etc. to guarantee an easy win. It's patriarchy through and through, from the nuclear family (father beats mother, mother beats child, child beats dog), to the military industrial complex. It's the pecking order and it is common to chickens and cowards.

I recognized this going on around me when I was a small child at home and in school, and I rejected it. The only struggle worthy of respect is to fight back and fight the power instead of taking things out on someone more vulnerable.

Sadaam and Gadaffi didn't understand how patriarchal hierarchy works. But Putin does. Putin knows that if he nukes New York and Tel Aviv, the US and Israel are more likely to bomb Palau and Malawi in retaliation, than to attack Moscow. Moscow can defend itself, but Palau and Malawi cannot, so they'd be the logical targets.

While taxpayers pay trillions of dollars to fund the Pentagon every year, what they get in return isn't strategy but the equivalent of schoolyard bullying or the pecking order of chickens. The mighty US rejoiced in its victory, awarding over 8,000 medals and standing tall with pride over its successful invasion of the defenseless little island of Grenada. And no matter what it does, and how many other chickens it may peck, it is useful to remember that that's the tallest a chicken can ever stand.





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