Does TTIP Have a Silver Lining? - by Mark E. Smith

When I was a kid cartoonists who wanted to depict a lunatic would draw a guy carrying a placard saying, "The end of the world is nigh." Nowadays Doomers tend to be respected scientists and their well-documented evidence is undisputable. It is those who still believe in government, science, technology, progress, and development who are out of touch with reality. Civilization is deadly and capitalism is its most lethal form. John Africa founded MOVE to teach this truth, and it is why he and his followers were bombed in Philadelphia.

If something is harmful, capitalism will fund it, protect it from liability, and even make it mandatory:

The Polio Vaccine: A Global Scourge Still Threatening Humanity

9 Tons Of Radiotoxic Isotopes Came Out Of Fukushima, Enough To Kill The Whole Human Race By Internal Radiation

On the other hand, if something is helpful, capitalism will try to ban it the way that medical marijuana was outlawed for most of my life:

Smoking Helps Protect Against Lung Cancer

RED ALERT: FDA Set to Ban Your Supplements

Now people are warning about the dangers of TTIP, which will allow corporations to sue cities, states, and nations that ban harmful products. But there may be a silver lining here. For example, tobacco companies could sue California for restraint of trade. Medical marijuana clinics could sue the US government and states that still ban pot for restraint of trade. Doctors and clinics could sue the US government and the AMA for restraint of trade when they banned alternative cancer treatments.

Since the only deciding factor seems to be loss of profits, perhaps builders of tiny homes could sue cities with building codes requiring sewage connections.

A Doomer myself, I'm not usually one to look on the bright side of things, but there are definite possibilities for TTIP.


I own the domain and pay for the host server.

You can easily check that.

But anyone posting here, including me, is quite likely demented. It's a global epidemic, dementia. It happens with biological regularity in any ecologically nonviable species like our own.

Our cycle for mass madness, when everybody starts killing everybody else, is approximately 72 years. So, let's see....WWII was 1945, right? So that would make the next one 2017, unless my math and/or history are off.

I'm 75, so I'm hoping not to still be around. We've got, perhaps, a couple more years. Anything in particular that you'd like to do with them? This is probably as good a place as any. ;)





Whose site is this anywho?

I'm very curious as to where this comment is going to go for to the best of my recollection I started this blog a number of years ago and have been neglecting it for the longest time but did not, to the best of my knowledge, hand it over to anyone. Am I completely off the wall here, in the early stages of dementia and this is someone elses blog or what's going on?

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