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There is an excellent article here:

It outlines the problems with our electoral system, but it does not provide a solution.

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Robbins writes that in Phase I or reforming our electoral system, “There will be an amendment to the Election Law substituting sortition for party caucus.”

Note that while this is supposed to occur due to our intervention, the wording is passive rather than active. Not, “We will amend the Election Law,” but “There will be an amendment.” Why? Because “we” cannot amend the law, only elected lawmakers have that right. So the Election Law is supposed to be amended by those currently in office who will lose their power if they amend it, or perhaps it will magically amend itself.

In Phase II, that is once Phase I has somehow, inexplicably occurred and we have “become accustomed” to it, we might seek to Amend the Constitution in accordance with the ways that the Constitution itself stipulates that it may be amended, so that we may, if we are “in the mood,” do away with elections altogether. But the mood of the public is not one of the ways in which the Constitution allows itself to be amended. The Constitution can only be amended by state or federal legislators, and even Robbins admits that this cannot be done until we have such legislators who were not put into office by our present system.

There is another way. Once we understand, as Robbins does, that our elections are corrupt and do not benefit us, we can do away with them by simply ignoring them. If we don’t vote, there can be no elections. If there is only a 10% voter turnout in a Presidential election, neither the ruling parties nor the corporations, banks, defense contractors, and foreign powers that fund and control them, can claim to have been democratically elected or to have a mandate.

We can give power to the people, that is, to ourselves, only if we stop giving it away to the corporate elites and their puppets. “Don’t vote–it only encourages ‘em!” –Old IWW slogan.

While a moderately low turnout can be blamed on voter apathy, 90% of the electorate cannot be written off as apathetic simply because they care about how they are governed and reject the current system.

The problem we have is that it is not non-voters, but voters who are apathetic. They buy into the system and they believe that their uncounted votes for puppets they can’t hold accountable are a precious right. Voters are so apathetic that they really don’t care who governs them, how those oligarchs were selected, or how they govern, as long as they have their uncounted, unverifiable “vote.” Voters believe in the system, no matter how many times it betrays them, and they believe, like Robbins, that the system is basically neutral and therefore can be reformed by means of adjustments like substituting sortition for elections.

Unfortunately there is already a system in power and it is not only ruthless and unscrupulous, but it is also, as Robbins notes, armed to the teeth and more than ready to murder those who challenge it, or even those whose only threat is demonstrating that an alternative system works. Libya provided free food, housing, pure drinking water, education, and health care to all its citizens and also to migrant guest workers, and the US saw that as a threat to capitalism and destroyed Libya. Venezuela has come a long way towards doing the same, having already greatly reduced poverty and eliminated homelessness, and the US has placed sanctions on Venezuela, funded a violent opposition movement, and constantly threatens to invade. Power does not yield to the public mood–both the Bush and Obama administrations stated clearly and openly that they did not allow public opinion to influence their policy decisions. That is not democracy, that is tyranny.

The only way to open up the possibility of a new system is to stop supporting the one we have, to stop voting for it in its “elections” and giving it credibility. And that cannot happen while citizens flock to see American Sniper and glory in their government’s bloody lies.


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