Why Voters Ignore Racism & Sexism in Congress - by Mark E. Smith


Voters in the United States see their government as a collection of elected officials, not as the racist, sexist institution it is and always has been. Most conservatives are happy with racism and sexism, although they would like to elect more sexist and racist officials to government. Liberals, on the other hand, claim not to be as happy with sexism and racism, but they believe that by electing less sexist and racist individuals, they can eventually change the nature of the government itself.

Sure, there are occasional blips, such as when Black former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney was racially harassed by the capitol police and a few liberals spoke out, but for the most part liberals turn a blind eye to the sexism and racism in our government as easily as they ignore its genocides and kill lists. For voters, the problem can't possibly be our "democratic" form of government, which they know to be democratic because it allows them to vote, so the problem must be their own failure to elect better people.

This morning my inbox informed me that liberal voters have just discovered sexism in Congress:

Senator Says Her Male Colleagues Called Her 'Porky' And 'Chubby'


Of course liberals responded in the only way they can: by petitioning Congressmen to be less sexist:

A Congressman said what to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand?


Should liberal voters ever discover that Congress is not just sexist, but also racist, I'm sure they'll deliver a petition to white Members of Congress asking them to be less racist.

Of course there's little chance that liberals will ever find out that Congress is also elitist, but in the unlikely event that they do, I'm sure they'll create a petition for that too.

I'd written about sexism in Congress back in July 2013, when a recently elected liberal San Diego Mayor, former Congressman Bob Filner, was forced to resign due to a sexual harassment scandal:

A Quintessential Lesser Evil


What liberal voters cannot understand is that Congress is not an independent institution. It is a branch of the United States government, the legislative branch to be specific, and thus an intrinsic part of a government that was designed to perpetuate the racism, sexism and elitism of its founders.

The United States was founded by means of a racist genocide, the slaughter of millions of Native Americans. It grew rich by means of another racist genocide, the slaughter of millions of African-Americans in the slave trade. Its Constitution was written to perpetuate slavery and institutionalize the racism and sexism of its framers:

The Counterrevolutionary Constitution


Congress is not going to reform itself no matter who people elect and no matter how many petitions it gets. It cannot. It is not racist and sexist because it is unaware that it is racist and sexist, it is racist and sexist because it was designed to be that way and couldn't exist if it didn't cater to the racism and sexism of the corporations that fund and control the US political system.

A retired Member of Congress writing about sexism is like a retired police officer talking about police brutality. They endured it silently as long as they were paid to do so, and only spoke out when the system could no longer penalize them.

Many liberals feign shock when their liberal idols in Congress vote to fund another war, to support Israel, to militarize the police, to do away with US civil rights, etc. They seem to be pretending that their elected officials are free to represent their constituents, despite knowing that the US is a capitalist country and that anyone who becomes an official of the US government is beholden to the capitalists who finance and control it.

Liberal voters are people who believe that if they put enough airplane parts in their cars, their cars will become airplanes. It's magical thinking, but how else can they justify voting for a racist, sexist form of government while pretending to oppose racism and sexism?

Any day now, liberal voters may discover that the US government is capitalist, that capitalism is a system that benefits the rich at the expense of the poor, and they'll create a petition to Congress and the President asking them to stop being capitalist. Maybe they'll even march on Washington, D.C. But one thing I can guarantee that they won't do is stop voting. They can't. They identify as voters the same way that millions of people identify as Christians, Muslims, or Jews. It's a religion. When things go well, believers credit whatever it is they believe in, and when things go badly, believers blame themselves, as their deities are blameless by design.

Back when I first became an election boycott advocate, eight years ago, I said that people who voted for a genocidal government were complicit in genocide. I will now add a corollary: People who vote for a sexist, racist government are complicit in sexism and racism.

It isn't rocket science. Anyone who doesn't understand it, simply doesn't want to.








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