Voting Against the Boogeymen - by Mark E. Smith

U.S. voters are pretty evenly divided amongst Democrats and Republicans, with only a very small fraction voting for third parties. Democrats tend to be terrified that the Koch brothers' money will sway elections, while Republicans are fearful that Soros money will sway elections. In truth, both are voting more against the other party than voting for their own party. It is fear that keeps them voting, irrational fear, but fear that political party operatives keep stoking in order to get out the vote.

To Democrats, the Koch brothers appear to be powerful players with a lot of money to support their supposedly right-wing agenda, while to Republicans George Soros appears to be a powerful player with a lot of money to support his allegedly left-wing agenda. So fearful are these ordinary voters that they'll spend everything they can to try to help their billionaire(s) of choice oppose the other billionaire(s). If you are, or if you've spoken with a Democratic or Republican voter, you know that I'm not exaggerating. The fear, if not the object of it, is real.

It is unfortunate that few voters have ever read the late Walter Karp’s book, Indispensable Enemies: The Politics of Misrule in America, * so they can only see how the two parties appear to have separate agendas and oppose each other, without beginning to understand how the two parties work together and that neither one could accomplish anything without the cooperation of the other party.

The real goal of both parties is their own self-preservation, which depends on large donations from big banks, multinational corporations, and the elites like the Koch brothers and Soros. Therefore both parties work to ensure continuing corporate rule over government, which is what they are funded to do. Neither party could do this alone, and both benefit from the two-party system that allows them to dominate electoral politics in the US. Since both parties benefit from the status quo, neither one will ever bring about real change.

But that's not how voters see it. Every election they are whipped into a frenzy by political operatives fueling their fears of an "opposition" victory, but of course there is no real opposition within our political system.

Fortunately, about half the eligible electorate in the US refuses to vote. This is not out of apathy, as the political class prefers to spin it, but out of anger and the conscious recognition that both parties serve the system and its elites, and that neither one will forfeit billions of dollars in corporate donations in order to serve the public interest.

Try telling this to voters. Once you’ve seen both Democrats and Republicans become hysterical in response to any attempt to introduce them to our political and electoral reality, you’ll realize the futility of trying to educate the brainwashed and fearful hordes. Both will give you the same arguments, with only the names and parties of their boogeymen reversed. They are locked into their irrational fears and incapable of seeing beyond them.

Voters are indeed the quintessential example of people who cannot see the forest for the trees, and as long as half the country continues to vote, the elites and their corporations can continue to cut down as many trees as they wish with no effective opposition. When the FBI put environmentalists, people who want to try to save our few remaining trees, at the top of their terrorist list, for fear that they might interfere with corporate profits, there was no outcry from either side of the aisle in Washington, D.C.

This is the old ‘divide and conquer’ strategy at its best. With half the voting public more afraid of the other half than of the corporations that dominate and control both major political parties, the conquest is complete.




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