The Poison Tree - Rockefeller roots

American Medicine and you, or how can I commit suicide without nullifying my life insurance policy  Interesting opener video


Being on dial-up, I can't watch videos, Coacoa, but I can guess at the information.

Pharmaceuticals, properly prescribed by a qualified physician, and taken exactly as prescribed, are one of the leading causes of death in the United States.

In fact, the eminent Johns Hopkins physician who wrote the peer-reviewed paper for a medical journal proving that statement over a decade ago, herself died of a brain hemorrhage after taking a drug that her own oncologist had prescribed--a drug that was later recalled for causing brain hemorrhages. I don't know if she didn't believe her own research, or if she made an exception for a colleague she knew and trusted, but she made the same mistake she had warned others about.

So a person who wishes to commit suicide without voiding their life insurance policy, need only follow their doctor's instructions.

And people actually pay insurance premiums for the privilege of having access to a system like that.

Only the sheerest arrogance could ever have named our species "homo sapiens." It's obviously a misnomer.  ;)


Exactly, Folkie

This video is done by James Corbett who delves into the roots of the medical "profession" sighting Granddaddy Rockefellers snake oil beginnings then he brings it foreword to today's healthcare system in America. A well done documentation of how herbals were at first shunned as  quackery but now swallowed up slowly by the pharmaceutical giant arm of the modern monster of medicine in the west. In all.. this video leaves the viewer wanting to study more on the topic and makes the heart cry out why? and please help us find our old wisdom that was robbed by the Monster.

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