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ISSUE #863   OCTOBER 2013 
by Mark S. Tucker, 
provocateur, hector, meta-anarchist
“Have brain, will use; have pen, will poison.”
…a harrowing look at the human psyche and the darkness that hides behind the routine politeness and meaningless kindness of civilized society. - ad byte for Beautiful Darkness
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THIS  ISSUEI wasn't going to interrupt the Kall series again,and certainly not this quickly in any event, but I have to say that I have no words to describe the shock and disappointment I feel as I watch everyone but dumb-ass Righties laud this ObamaCare monstrosity. As if radio fuckwads weren't enough, I read "zines" like AlterNet  and am just astounded at the proliference of ignorant, generalized, say-nothing propaganda (and I'm fairly certain no one atAlterNet  is intelligent enough to perceive they're just relaying agitprop from industry sources and Dem abettors). It's literally dumbfounding. Just when I think the "Left" can't get any stupider than it already is, it takes me back to school for more education. Thom Hartmann, Randi Rhodes, Brad Friedman, Ian Masters, KPFK, WBAI...there's not one single "Left" factor NOT singing with the lobotomized choir on this. It's GATT all over again and, just as with the first time, those who should be most aware of it are least.
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Have you read the Bible? You'd have to be a nutcase to believe anything in that book! - Mike MacRae imitating the new Pope on the Jimmy Dore Show.
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Can We Say 'GATT Redux' Kiddies?
by Mark S. Tucker
I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country…corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed. - Abraham Lincoln, 1864
The amount and degree of "Left" nonsense regarding ObamaCare, as it now begins to show only the minutest face of its innumerable flaws, is rather amazing. I've already gone over this in these pages, but I hadn't gotten hold of this piece of data: the "bill" is 2,300 pages long. Previously, a few renegade "Lefties" had informed us that it was whopping 1,400, just like the Patriot Act…and I'm one of the dupes who fell for it (i'm now pretty sure these idiots thought they were being clever in re-quoting that fictional number). Not that it much matters - good God, 1400 pages is bad enough - but the real count is a firm 2,300. 
That's the equivalent of 10 novels, y'all: TEN!
And no "Leftie" is coming within parsecs of the obvious question: who wrote all that? Sure, a few rightly state that it was insurance industry / lobbyist penned, but that hardly covers it. First of all, NO Congressman had ANY part in it, that much should be crystal clear. At best, they might've been ambush-consulted on certain passages in order to gin up support from and among those fucking morons, but no Congressman and NO Congressional committee could POSSIBLY have written the bill or any part of it. 
Think about how long it would take to write 10 novels. A minimum of 10 years. MINIMUM, and you'd have to write awfully goddamned fast. Now think about how long it would take to write 10 non-fiction  books. It'd be astounding if you could do so in 20 years, considering all the research necessary. Now think about how long it would take to write the equivalent of 10 non-fiction law  books, all of which cross-reference each other. 
It can't be done by one person, PERIOD, in 10 years' time. Maybe a group of 20 people could accomplish it, but ponder all the human elements problematic to that scenario and the insane amount of editorial overseerage necessary. No, this bill was written solely and purely by the insurance industry and over a VERY long period of time. To that, however, add this: as with the IRS Code Book, it most likely was penned by multifarious hands and then just thrown together. That would take just as long a time and require some decent degree of oversight, but this extremely onerous mode is what constitutes a frightening amount of law nowadays. Its effect is precisely what it's designed to do: throw all burdens onto the citizen disputing the thousands of aberrations that will inevitably crop up, to interpret any given section and fight it, only to be shown another section completely reversing or channeling everything into a different problem, later again doing the same, over and over and over and over and over. 
That's what the IRS does, so that no matter what argument you bring, there's another law somewhere else in the gargantuan set of books to defeat your contention and lead everything into yet another problem-field beyond that, locking a citizen into a war normally taking about a decade to wage - ironically, about the same time it took to write this hideous ObamaCare measure - and ultimately lose. Only corporations win against the IRS, not people, and only because corporations have the resources to make the gig not worthwhile, too expensive, for the IRS.
Barack Obama is the new Bill Clinton, and ObamaCare will do for him what GATT did for Bill: make him a very very VERY rich man subsequent to a decently lengthy cooling off period after leaving office so that the quid pro quo  isn't TOO damn obvious. You know that Clinton is now richer than all previous presidents combined, don't you? He didn't have that wealth when he went into office, not a shred of it. How did it make its way into his hands? Speaking tours? That hideous book? Come on. Once more, y'all:
When GATT arose, I was working at Northrop-Grumman Aircraft and vigorously advocated against it, almost losing my job as managers feverishly coaxed, cajoled, and threatened employees to call their Congressmen - ironically, ours in the district I occupy here in Calif. was Jane 'Nuke 'Em!' Harmon, the warmongers' best friend, so calling her on a negative wasn't going to accomplish jackshit. "You'll all lose your jobs! Ragnarok will descend! The Earth will turn into a fiery ball if you don't urge Congress to pass GATT!" This is what we were told.
"Are you all fucking nuts?!?!" I inquired of fellow employees as they started singing in management's choir. "Have you read any least shred of the damn thing or even perused analyses made second-hand? It's a piece of shit, and if you allow it, EXACTLY what they say will happen if you DON'T approve it will happen if you DO! I guarantee you that if it passes, 5-6 years from now, most of us will be out of a job and the company will be damn near dust."
But Rightwingers were drooling over Rush and the panoply of Limbaughs cronyistically boosting that treasonous bill to the heavens, and even the Left-leaning were hearing from assholes like Thom Hartmann and Mike Malloy (I've chronicled in these pages how both, many many many years later, are now sullenly on-air admitting they were completely  wrong, 100% "duped", in their fervant advocacies of Clinton, GATT, and innumerable Clinton-era events), so my words fell on deaf ears, GATT Passed, and, six ears later, no end of people, as they filed out the door to the unemployment office, sometimes tearfully said to me "Man, I sure wish we would have listened to you back then, Mark". And, just as predictably, the company lost its 747 sub-contract, and in trotted DARPA sot Kent Kresa to take over and channel N-G into stealth operations.
Those six years earlier, I was The Nutcase. Six years later, I was The Prophet. That belated awakening didn't help the 60,000 people who lost their jobs one little bit, though, and they still suffer from the effects of GATT. In fact, the ENTIRETY of our modern dilemma starts exactly with GATT. And guess what? ObamaCare is Part 2.
Of course no one sees it. Two reasons for that: 1) it was sprung on you at the absolute last minute after all kinds of preparatory propagandistic blather (think about it: if it's such a damnably miraculous bill or even just a moderately decent one, why the hell weren't you allowed the entire bill to read or even just sections of it so you could get realistically enthusiastic?), and 2) the entire scenario followed a very weird amalgam of Bernaysian protocols and just plain winging it, which is why it's such a mess even as the shitpile daintily steps into the very beginnings of Phase 1.
Let's review:
* the morons selling you on this crap were the same ones who sold you GATT (Rhodes, Malloy, Hartmann, etc.) and Obama (Rhodes, Malloy, Hartmann, Friedman, Kall, etc., and that "I'm holding my nose" bullshit they all adopted was a Bernaysian ploy), and if you've ever doubted my proponency on how toxic the "Left" has been all along, consider just what the implications of that really have been; you'll shock yourself
* no one saw any more trace of ObamaCare's texts than you did - or at best: saw only very carefully selected brief snippets upon which they placed their entire opinion
* the damn thing took a DECADE to write, minimum
* it was written entirely by health insurance industry lawyer hacks
* you're being FORCED by the government to purchase goods and services whether you want them or not and whether you like them or not (that's called 'fascism' by sane people…and saying you can settle for a fine is NOT a counter-argument, you're still in the fascism either way)
* we have one of the worst health care systems in the industrialized world, unbelievably expensive, iatrogenetically killing 1 million patients a year, year after year, among innumerable other sins, owned by the pharmaceutical conglomerates, and completely ignorant of science on nutrition and other absolutely necessary staple human health factors - in fact, dedicated to banning all sane basic data
* many people are already seeing right now, through the new system itself, that they'll be paying significantly MORE, not less, for decent health care - if, that is, you want to use the term 'decent' for any shred of this abomination, 
* not one iota of the whole mishigas  is bent to any faint notion of your good, not by galaxies, only to corporations benefit, so:
And there's a good deal more, but, goddamn!, if that alone doesn't warn people off then I don't know what will. Seriously.
This is why thoughtful writers are getting so discouraged, this exact sort of thing. It's like watching a child jump into a lake of acid at the outskirts of town. You told them it was a lake of acid, you educated them on why it's dangerous to the Nth degree, you had them watch a video on what acid does to human flesh, they had past experience with fire, dangerous chemicals, and all kinds of shit, but then a gaggle of gibbering idiots intercepted them on the way to school, babbled in their ears, hypnotized the poor bastards, they waded into the lake hip-deep, are now fucked-up and disfigured for life, and everyone suffers from that moment on.
Then the adults start filing into the lake.
Enjoy your ObamaCare, people.
And please don't contact me years from now and tell me I was right. Your praise means nothing to me. 
NEXTMore Kall. Appropriate.
The priest tight-fisted with his money and the philosopher tight-fisted with his discoveries are both stealing from the poor. What is more, I think discoveries are only valuable and secure when they circulate among the general mass of people; I am impatient to take them there. - Diderot
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Mark S. Tucker is a writer, editor, graphic artist, Commercial Jetliner Systems Analyst (747), martial arts quasi-trainer, paralegal, and holistic medicine interne-practitioner, among myriad other pursuits. He’s been published nationally in i/e, Progression, Expose, Sound Choice, E/I (founding co-editor), OPtion, Signal to Noise, Camera Obscura, and other magazines. On the Net, he intermittently critiques music and conducts musician interviews for Perfect Sound Forever and reviews CDs for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange (FAME) and The Buzz About. As well as being a decade-long past member of Rowrbrazzle, a cartoonists / animators / writers society, he was also published at - a sickness, granted, but he’s now better, though his 116 articles there were destroyed by the publisher, Rightie-in-hiding Rob Kall. Nonetheless, thousands of his articles and reviews have appeared over the last two decades, often formulated to piss someone, perhaps?
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My advice is to avoid getting diagnosed!

Thank you, Coacoa. Your words mean a lot to me.

Ever notice how many different conditions are all called cancer? I suspect that whenever doctors come across something they don't understand, they call it cancer.

Another thing is that when I look at my hands I see spots and wrinkles that weren't there when I was younger. That's because our cells start to degenerate as we age. But when doctors see malformed cells under a microscope, cells which are a normal result of aging, they call that cancer too, or at the very least, "a precancerous condition," and they urge people to get treated immediately before it gets worse. But when the World Health Organization admitted that many cancers just go away if left untreated, they also admitted that some might progress so slowly that people would be more likely to die of other causes than from the cancer. Treatment is likely to make things worse instead of better, and in many cases it is the treatment that kills, not the cancer. Particularly since standardized cancer treatments still include surgery (which can spread a disease that otherwise might have remained localized, through the bloodstream), radiation (which is a known cause of cancer), and chemotherapy, or the administration of highly toxic and carcinogenic drugs. Being sick is bad enough, without doctors deliberately poisoning you.

I'm really sorry to hear that your condition was worsened by early medical "help," Coacoa, and I hope that others can learn from that.

To paraphrase an old joke, when the health care system says, "We're here to help you," it might be a good idea to reach for your gun.

If I could find the doctor who prescribed chemotherapy to Curt for his liver cancer, and if I had a thick oak cane, I think that I'd very much enjoy trying to beat some common sense into the idiot. Well, not really. But only because it is difficult to get bloodstains out of the rug. On the other hand, I can imagine doing it in my mind and there's no blood at all--just a guy in a white coat with a big lump on his head, screaming apologies and running for the door. I'll include the doctor who hurt you in that fantasy too. It doesn't really harm anyone and it makes me feel a lot better.  ;)



Sorry to hear your hospice care is in danger, Coacoa.

They already know everything about everyone. That didn't stop the LAX shooting because they cannot predict future behavior based upon past behavior. The reason that intelligence agencies need to collect intelligence is because they don't have any--they have data but they lack the people and skills to interpret it.

Yes, plenty of people will die due to Obamacare. But many who cannot get insurance will live longer than those who can.

Here's how it works:

A person without insurance gets sick or experiences pain or discomfort. Since they can't afford to see a doctor, it either goes away or it doesn't. Recently the World Health Organization admitted that many cancers simply go away if they are left untreated. It is quite possible that people are more likely to die from early detection and treatment with surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, than from untreated cancer. A case in point is that Curt (rossi) was diagnosed, treated, and died of cancer, while I had similar symptoms but refused tests, ignored the attempted diagnosis of liver cancer, and did not submit to treatment. I'm still here.

When a person who has insurance coverage gets sick or experiences pain or discomfort, they go to a doctor. The doctor runs tests and diagnoses them, that is, the doctor assigns a name or label to their illness, pain, or discomfort. Then the doctor prescribes treatment. The treatment is based upon decades of falsified "science" paid for by for-profit pharmaceutical companies. The medications prescribed do not cure the illness (patients are told that the medications are "controlling" the illness or "keeping it from progressing more rapidly"), although they may relieve pain and discomfort. At the same time, however, the medications cause "side effects," meaning that the drugs cause other, often more severe illnesses. And while doing so, the drugs kill your immune system so that your body no longer has the ability to resist illnesses without the assistance of toxic pharmaceuticals.

Yes, people like you who are getting relief from pain and suffering, will experience needless pain and suffering if they lose coverage.

But many more people will benefit from lack of coverage by retaining their immune systems.

Not that any of this will be the least bit helpful if Fukushima blows up. In fact, Fukushima has already poisoned the entire northern hemisphere with radiation--however many symptoms may not develop for decades. Children will get cancers first because they're more vulnerable. Adults might not develop Fukushima-caused cancers for twenty or thirty years. Japan is now attempting to remove the fuel rods from Fukushima. If two of them touch, the whole thing explodes. The work will be done by untrained laborers hired by the Yakuza (Japanese mobsters).

We're screwed, no matter how you look at it.

Enjoy each day as if it was your last, Coacoa. If it isn't your last, you'll have another day to enjoy, but no harm will be done by enjoying this one to the fullest extent possible. And rant! Ranting may be the only freedom we have left, so I feel that we have a responsibility to exercise it!

As for what they can do to us, they can do it whether we rant or not. Might as well rant. ;)



Thank you, Folkie

I always love your educated responses and I pray that a few drag themselves in here and read them as well.


You are so very right on all points and I am ranting. I do have hope still in some of our children, Folkie.. the rest I just cry for... they are like cattle all loaded up for market and they have those eyes that make you cry.  I have this testimony for any who do happen by this post - What Folkie wrote is true, I am dying faster because of the medical help I received in the beginning of my illness. Now I have Hospice and pain meds... They have no hope for me that is affordable. Affordable Hope... lol  what a thought. As I spend each day coughing up blood and pus that  they call mucus I read of  the hurts of the world and beat them, in my mind, with my Cane. I have a really nice hook cane... oak.  I also purchased a nice umbrella so I can look less wet when it rains.  :)

I advise anyone who receives a diagnoses of cancer, or any other disease to research your illness and know it front to back... know all the herbal and natural remedies. If there is no hope given, take some and keep kicking.  well.. I reckon I need to lay back down a while.


Thanks again, Folkie

My Summation of Obamacare

The web site is an information gathering point for the IRS and FBI to locate and draft all of your savings as well as a data base to track you down . They will know all your friends and relatives. ( Thank you, social media) This thing was never intended to actually work... it was designed to allow your dumping into the pot of poverty where you will grasp and any rate available to avoid the loss of EVERYTHING!  It is the last stage of the murder of the American economy. lol... if you want to call total debt based existence an economy. all illusions are  pulled from your sleepy eyes with Obamacare. Now we have the horrid truth of it all... we will soon enter the killing fields of the elderly and infirm. ( I am one of those Infirm, elderly folks). PS I laugh out loud to keep my sanity. JMHO.

oh I forgot to add my personal taste of this hell hole system.

I got my notice to choose a plan 15 days after the deadline to have it turned in. This means they chose a plan for me which means I am in danger of losing the Hospice care I am in right now.  wonderful Obama... just plain wonderful!

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