The Blue Jay, Mockingbird and Crow.. or... "Don't Tread On Me"

I once sat on a stump and watched a mockingbird harass a rattlesnake. He would swoop down and scream at the snake, and once I could have sworn he dropped something over the snake. This went on until the bird had his enemy where he wanted him... headed away from his area.  Manipulation of a very bitter enemy, the rattlesnake.

I have pondered this many times, and I have heard similar tales of crows, blue jays and other birds doing this same thing. What would have been good for the snake would have been to find food, but even though a rattlesnake wouldn't likely climb to his nest ... the mockingbird is compelled to manipulate the snake and turn him away at all cost.  The snake becomes a victim.  I see a lot of human nature in the ways of animals. The greatest enemy of a politician is the people he is robbing, his constituents.  The politician must at all cost keep his victims busy with distractions, lest they find what was provided to them by right of birth. I see the lofty ones sitting on their perches, daily manipulating the world population with a long list of ole reliable distractions that have worked well for centuries.

The politician who is on the rise in government is also like a horse trainer, distracting  the animal while he saddles it...  he may cover it's eyes with a cloth or use a "twitch" ( usually used when medicating horses ) a device that pinches the upper lip of the horse and causes severe pain so that the animal just stands and focuses on his painful lip.  This method can make even the fiercest stallion tremble in fear and pain, as the trainer does what he needs to do with the horse.  The masses of humanity are treated like livestock, and those who minion for the powers that be are the mockingbirds.

I recently was made aware of the unusual amount of fainting spells during Obama's speeches that are done live. I have noticed, just as a few have pointed out, that they seem faked.  I also notice that the responses from Obama are strange.. he seems to become a medical doctor as he tells the crowd, that the one fainted will be all right, or they just stood too long or whatever.  How does he know this?  I mean, if I had a person faint while I was speaking, I would ask for medical help and pause a bit... not play to the cameras.  I really think these are distractions with a message that the President is the savior, hero... messiah. The man who fixes things.

At the end of this link below is an example of oddity... the woman to the right of the woman who faints seems to be taking cues and even seems to nudge the one fainting... Obama turns back to his camera to showboat the whole thing ... just too strange to me.

The man standing to this woman's left does nothing... maybe because the President is suppose to help her... no one else.

Video Here


Everything the oligarchs do is staged.

They are actors, actually puppets, putting on a show for the gullible.

And everything they do and say is distraction, to divert our attention from the fact that they are killing us.

We are all nothing more than capitalism's collateral damage in the pursuit of profits, as we should have learned from Bhopal and Fukushima.

What is truly absurd is that some of the world's most successful capitalists have their own private space programs, as they are fully aware that they are destroying this planet, that NASA was never reliable, and that government space programs would give priority to politicians rather than to the capitalists they serve. I'm sure they understand that there is no place they can escape to, but perhaps they would rather perish in outer space than to face the inevitable mobs with pitchforks and torches here.

On the other hand, it is only to be expected that there would be a lot of fainting around politicians whom voters have idolized. For a gullible voter to be in the presence of their idol is guaranteed to have the same effect as when teenagers are around rock stars. They get so excited that their blood pressure goes through the roof and some will pass out. Of course the effects are only temporary, but they are genuine.

In this case, though, it definitely does appear to have been staged. And that's no more than we should expect from puppets--they are there to put on a show and that's exactly what they do. The script is written beforehand to cover every detail, the audience is hand-picked, and the actors are told how to dress, where to stand, what to say, what will happen, what the timetable is, and how to react. It is probably the most expensive theatrical performance in the world, taking into account the sponsors, planners, and advisors.

But it is the rattlesnake doing the distractions, not the birds.  ;)



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