Facing expulsion and a sex offenders list...

This poor teen streaker decides to hang himself.  May I ask a question... was it worth his life to threaten him with such punishment over a prank?  I see where Government "Officials" have open sex and talk about their exploits behind fake tears and this kid gets a threat to be listed as a sex offender and expelled from school? 


This Country has gone beyond losing it's collective mind... I know it shouldn't upset me so much when I see also that this country kills innocent children all over the world but still it speaks a new low here...  or maybe just a new realization within my own mind.

Boy hangs himself over streaking incident

Sex Offender lists should start with all the Washington perverts who are openly void of morals.

streaker kills himself

Now this is a TRUE Terrorist Act.  This poor boy was threatened with being put on a sex offender list for doing the same thing that was common place when I was a kid.  There was even a song about it by Ray Stevens.  The proof that this is a terrorist act is proven in the fact that this boy was so terrorized that he felt his only way out was suicide.  Someone needs to be held accountable for this boys death!

Definitely state terrorism.

But there won't be any accountability. There never is.

Of course if it had been a crime to run around naked 10,000 years ago, none of us would be here today.  ;)

Four track schools.

US schools were designed to track kids into either 1) college, 2) jobs, 3) the military, or 4) prison.

These days there is little point in going to college and the smartest kids, those who would be on the college track, can see that. Unless they have wealthy parents, all they'll end up with is a load of debt.

As for jobs, as the US economy declines, the jobs no longer exist.

The military might have been an option at one time, but with so many homeless veterans on the streets, even kids can see that it isn't a good career choice.

But there's still prison and many schools today have turned into mini-prisons to prepare kids for bigger prisons. Kids are harshly penalized for things that would have earned us nothing more than a rebuke from a teacher. Merely talking in class or passing a note can get kids sent to a psychiatrist, diagnosed with a social disorder, and prescribed dangerous psychotropic drugs. Kids have been expelled from school for shaping their hands into guns and saying bang (on the playground), or for having a nail file or scissors in their backpack or locker.

As for the curriculum, much of what is taught in US and world history consists of lies or, at best, critical omissions.

And for the privilege of attending schools in the inner cities, kids have to risk getting stopped and frisked, beaten, or even killed by the cops on their way to school and back home.

The US is also one of the few countries in the world where kids can be tried as adults in court and given life sentences or even the death penalty.

US schools focus on obedience, conformity, and authoritarian hierarchy.

However I recently read a book called Territories in Resistance, by Raul Zibechi, and he describes schools in parts of the world that are not under US domination where the schools teach useful skills, the teachers are part of the community, there is no authoritarian hierarchy, and kids are encouraged to be creative rather than obedient. Kids learn to care about each other and about their community instead of learning competitiveness and violence. The basis of such schools is that life is education and education is life. Once the US empire collapses, it will be countries where truth is permitted that will lead the world. If, of course, there is any world left to lead, as the current leaders of capitalist imperialism believe that if they can't own the world they have the right to destroy it, the same attitude as that of abusive slavemasters, husbands, and pimps in patriarchal cultures.

I remember some years back when somebody in Europe asked me on Twitter what sort of country the US is. I replied that the US isn't a country--it's a big insane asylum pretending to be a country. Lately I've come to realize, particularly from United Nations votes where the US votes one way and every other country in the world votes the other way, that if the US didn't use economic and military force to get other countries to recognize it, very few would.

But even here there is some dissent. There's a boom in home-schooling as many parents realize that they want their kids to learn, not to be molded into robots or punished just for being kids. Home-schooled kids do well in national and international scholastic competitions. Other than that, the US educational system ranks as low as our health care system in comparison to other countries, and is just as expensive and harmful.



Four track schools - right on the money

This article is right on the money.  I have come to realize that most, if not everything, I learned in school isn't even true.  Except for the math ... math was good.  Later in life you learn the truth of things and you wonder why you spent your whole childhood in school.  Homeschooling is the only answer today.

Yes, math was good.

But it was stigmatized. Kids weren't supposed to like math. I guess liking math was one of the things that gave some of us a clue that it could be rewarding to be different.

Remember the math puzzles by Martin Gardner in Scientific American? He made math fun. I just googled him and he died in 2010, aged 95.


Learn to think and there isn't anything else that you can't learn.

What a waste of human potential our schools are!



What a waste of human potential our schools are!


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