LINUX at Last

Okay, I should have switched to LINUX years ago, but I'm not a techie and I was frightened.

Recently I posted an article to Fubar about how most big corporations in the US are defense contractors and how most people use all sorts of products made by defense contractors. I'm not guilty of most of the things mentioned, but I do have a HP computer with Windows. A couple of weeks ago my computer stopped working properly, so I tried system restore, but that didn't work either. Then I tried to restore the system from backup discs and that also failed. As a last resort I restored my computer to the default factory settings, but found that everything was way out of date and impossible to use. At that point I guess I was supposed to buy the newest version of Windows or run out and buy a new computer, but both options were out of the question. So I had to take the plunge and switch to LINUX because my computer still had plenty of memory and only needed a good operating system.

I did some googling and looked at some library books, learned that it is not pronounced Lie-nix, but Lee-nooks, and then I ordered a LINUX disc that was supposed to work right out of the box. During the week it took to arrive, I did some more research and learned how to partition my hard drive, format a partition, and boot from disc. Then the disc got here and it didn't have a way to connect to my dial-up modem, so it was useless.

Back online at the library I found some references to Puppy LINUX which is compatible with dial-up modems. That's very useful, since another article said that about 30% of computer users in the US use dial-up just as I do, which is believable because we have a lot of poverty in this country and dial-up, using is available in most parts of the country and is really free, if a bit slower than basic US broadband speeds that cost $30 to $40 a month.

Puppy LINUX is everything I wanted and more. I used an hour on the library computer to download it to a flash drive, took it home and, after a few false starts, got it burned to a CD, and then booted from the CD. No partitioning necessary. And it comes with everything I need ready to use at a click of the desktop icon, like the Firefox browser and everything else I was accustomed to on Windows. And there's a lot of online help from the Puppy LINUX community. Check it out at

This distro is well named, as I'm now as happy as a kid with a new puppy. Bye bye Windows! Bye bye Bill Gates! Hooray for LINUX and three cheers for Puppy LINUX!

Posted using my same old computer with my brand new Puppy LINUX OS.


A very brave and good move IMO

I have both on my pc and use linux for browsing a lot as well as just video and chats. If I did not game I would completely cross over and dump the Gates intrusion into my waste bucket ... the one in the corner of the room!


Maybe redwine ap will soon perfect the gameplay interface for WOW and I will make the full change.


Good Job, Folkie!

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