Oh the Jews! - by Mark S. Tucker

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ISSUE #835   AUGUST 2013 
by Mark S. Tucker, 
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“Have brain, will use; have pen, will poison.”
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THIS  ISSUE: “Letters, I Get Letters” is this time around a 7-part series incorporating a number of unnamed readers’ e-versations with me (though the identities of a couple of them will probably be guessed at by long-time readers) but sans colloquy with Malik Osei. My dialogue with him was a good deal more involved and will appear after this series, in its own 4-parter. As I’ve noted, all articles by Malik published in V.V. come from the same back-channel chatter you’ll read in that series, and Malik has bid me feel free to publish as I see fit.
Some of what you'll read in my go-round with Mr. Other Guy duplicates some of what I've written in V.V., as Mr. OG doesn't subscribe and won't (V.V. affrights his indoctrinations), but I think there are sufficient new twists and turns that will amuse even long-time readers. If not, go read AlterNet...
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Ingots in the Mailbox...and Out
by Mark S. Tucker
Every side of my bed is the wrong side, and I get up on all of them. - M.S. Tucker
Well, I heard from a guy I hadn't heard from in years, a friend of my brother who I never was all that nuts about but who wasn't, as far as I could tell, a bad guy, just really really really irrescuably (*shudder*) normal, and we started off talking about the "Left" topic du jour: gun control. I’m cutting in half-way through the thread, and my conversation with him will cross two issues of V.V., spilling over into a third:
THE OTHER GUY: However, the laws are already on the books. This proposal would authorize Congress to enforce it (the law is in the "ATF laws", the ATF is currently defunded.)
ME: What you're not seeing is the war between state and federal legislatory (regulative) powers. The ATF is funded but not well enough to operate properly. This is purposeful, to serve business interests which want no interference with their shenanigans from the bureau. Normally, I'd side with the Fed on this re: interstate commerce and in the interest of uniform laws, but the Fed is now just a front for Big Business and has plans for us that we're not going to like once they're fully fleshed; hence, ironically, my stance is both Constitutional and ideological against the Fed as it exists but not against any idea of proper government. Unlike Republicans and conservatives, I really DO believe in the rule of law...but from an anarchist point of view: minimal laws, maximum freedom, social/jury nullification, prevention of damage at all levels, enhancement of the society at all levels, proper distribution of wealth, etc. 
If you look into this matter a bit more, I think you'll eventually discover it’s a sham for a number of interests that work decidedly against the common good. Background checks have been in existence for decades, but when you defund the pertinent bureaucracies like the ATF to a level that you can apportion its activities as you wish rather than in fidelity with its charter, then you're working to a covert agenda. Secrecy is poison, and the more secretive one is, the more ill he or she is. Our country is at the zenith of its secretive nature historically.
THE OTHER GUY: However, in almost every case of successful self-defense by a civilian citizen, a shotgun or a pistol was used. These guns are not under scrutiny. But I'm just looking for background checks, that's all. 
ME: I hear ya. However, there's a problem: with a couple of state's exceptions, they already exist, states just don't enforce them. One of the newer applications of "statecraft" is to create unnecessary hysteria to get fear-based approval of legislation you'd never have a prayer of passing otherwise. You take a familiar subject, inject it with lies ("not enough laws"), point to examples of gun murder (while ignoring the millions you're militarily slaughtering across the globe), and then, while appearing to be 'the people's voice', demand new laws that just happen to be waiting in the hopper somehow and that you say address the problem…and often they do…with little extras tossed in as riders or internal perversions and are the REAL reason for all the nonsense. This is how The Patriot Act and other facilitators of the corporate coup d'etat came about, ending up in the Citizens United decision.
Months or years later, all the gun control advocates will come back and sheepishly admit they fucked up (as they did in backing Obama - kinda understandable: Romney was an idiot and a monster, a suicide choice), that people like me were right, and that, gosh, they're sooooooo sorry. Problem though: now everyone else has to live with the consequences of their ignorance. 
Then we moved on to a subject that was a little surprising to me, something he had sent out as a form viral letter to his acquaintances:
THE OTHER GUY: To ALL of the countries who helped the U.S. after hurricane "Sandy", I think it is highly appropriate at this time of the year that we send THANKS to all that have reciprocated our help with their disasters, misgivings, social turmoil, & poverty and done so by returning the favor, sending the United States of America monetary and physical help when "Sandy" ravaged our East Coast leaving dead, homelessness, and pure disaster. 
Listed below are a list of ALL the countries, and worldwide organizations, that are giving us gracious assistance. Please assist me in thanking these entities by passing on this email so people from all over America can join in and THANK all our neighbors, to whom we have given BILLIONS!!! 
1. Israel 
Yes, the list is complete.
ME: Yes, it is. One problem, though: that wasn't Israel's money, it was ours. Israel doesn't just get billions, it's gotten billions upon billions every year since 1946. That's 67 years, and I've read that we've given them probably a trillion dollars in today's valuations. One…trillion… dollars…for what? Israel says it's a proud, fierce, self-sustaining nation, so what gives here? We sure as hell coulda used OUR money right here AT HOME. Israel is the #1 recipient of American aid, weapons, etc. Why? So they can slaughter their neighbors (which is really all they do with it)? If you want to know the 'why' of Israel, start with Baron Rothschild, Lord Balfour, the Balfour Declaration, and the decade preceding the formation of the state of Israel. In fact, just start with the lunacy of religion itself no matter where it arises. That'll be sufficient.
Those dollars came out of your and my paychecks, buddy-boy, and what Israel "gave" us was just a microscopic return of what we have given them and solely for PR brainwash purposes…which they'll get right back again. The whole thing is just a propaganda lie. If that's charity, then either we're insane or they are. Well, we all are. 
As I've written for years, Judaism is a hoax, just like Christianity, and (I'm going to be a bit snide here) in Jewish Israel, there's a Jewish professor of Jewish Studies and the Jewish Universty of Jewish Tel Aviv who wrote a book, *The Invention of the Jewish People*, in which he proves beyond doubt that the tag of 'Jew' as anything other than an odd religious designation. It’s not a race, not a true tribe, etc., is, in fact, sheerest nonsense factually, historically, and in every sense. It's a fascinating book (I'm in the middle of it now) and first met with stormy reception until Shlomo Sand, the author, perfectly fielded every objection and suddenly all the pissed-off Jews shut the fuck up: they were shooting themselves in the feet.
Btw, Israel has conducted undeclared war on the U.S. several times. Check out the case of the USS Liberty, the recent spying scandal, and various other outrages swiftly swept under the rug. And about half my friends are "Jewish". They want nothing to do with Israel, with Judaism, or with being "Jewish". Like me, they see provincialism in any form as stupidity incarnate and proof that human beings, though they claim otherwise, never evolved from monkeys. Not that we didn't descend from primates (actually, we didn’t), we just never evolved.
Oh, and you might want to check further into your sources. You seem to be getting an amazing amount of Right wing propaganda in the e-mails and are doing an, um, admirable job of disseminating it further.
That elicited this very bizarre retort. I have no clue what the hell he’s talking about in those first two sentences and was kinda afraid to ask:
THE OTHER GUY:  Compared to you, though, I don't have as much to lose and it is so nice not having to play the diplomatic games. Oh, it will hurt when I die, but your quality of life is much better than mine. The only thing I can do now, is call them like I see them and I really enjoy that. Perhaps I've had one of the best jobs possible for seeing through liars. You know, international customer service for Delta, I get liars of many nationalities. I try to head this off: I'm not speaking about philosophically lying. I am talking about lying to get your own way in a very specific case. Philosophically I know we are all liars. Believe me. One trip to Israel and you'll have the same opinion of the Palestinians. They are a fraud.
ME: Well, I have to confess I'm amazed to read this. It's an exact duplicate of what I used to hear in high school about "those damned Jews" from rednecks and such. First, I'll assume you're Jewish, as this reaction seems to indicate it. If not, it hardly matters, as 'Jew', 'Christian', 'American', and any tagline other than 'human being' is an artifice, so, yes, you're quite correct: Palestinians are indeed frauds…in the exact same way that Jews are. And Americans. And so on. No argument from me on that.
Back in high school, I recall being impressed by anthropologist Robert Ardrey's The Territorial Imperative in which he claimed, as most anthros did, that race is a fraud, it doesn't exist. He made a sound argument, and it perfectly described what I'd observed for 16 years in human beings: no matter where they hailed from or what color or religion they were, humans act the exact same way overall everywhere. Project Genome has proven this scientifically: there's only one race, the human race.
The term 'Jew' came about when a bunch of conniving desert businessmen got together and decided paganism, from which Judaism sprang, was no longer good enough as a control device. The Jews are often credited with the "invention" of monotheism, but this is complete bullshit. They took it - the unkind would say 'stole it' - from Zoroaster and his concept of Ahura Mazda. In fact, the very word 'Judaism', taken from the Latin 'Iusdismus' and then the Greek 'Ioudaismos', which turned into the Hebrew 'Yehudah' and thence 'Judah', doesn't even appear in the world until the 2nd century BC, just about when the religion/"race"/tribe was invented. Zoroaster, to prove my point of origins of monotheism, existed in the 6th century BC. The Jewish culture is insanely intelligent in its upper reaches, but that's very very very few, as is the case in all cultures, and, even among them, too many think they’re ten times what they only half are. The lion’s share of my influences are Jewish, but even those inspirations have very difficult times with the term and its so-called meanings. And then, of course, as 'Jew' is as fallacious an attribution as any cultural identification, from whence issued those minds I so greatly admire?
It's all bullshit. Wanna see how masturbatory it gets?
The Jews claim to have existed as a tribe starting 3,000 years ago, something hotly debated and probably false. What underlay the claim was rather driven home when intellectual idiot Daniel Boyarin made his moronic claim in 1994 that "Jewishness disrupts the very categories of identity, because it is not national, not genealogical, not religious, but all of these, in dialectical tension" (“Answering the Mail - A Radical Jew: Paul and the Politics of Identity”). I remember when I was first introduced to that quote in '95 in the middle of an informal debate on race. All of us busted up, including the Jewish guys, one of whom said "I hope he waved his Magic Kabbalic Circumcised Wand over that sentence 'cause it won't fly in a hurricane. What gibberish; it says absolutely nothing!". I added in "Well, of course, because if the Jewish tribe - the Hebrews, whatever - started 3,000 years ago, it can't possibly be a race as most Jews like to claim [that "race" thing, Mr. Other Guy, was the Big Lie for quite some time, as you may recall], it could only be an invented faction among whatever existed at the time in the region".
In fact, at 14, I put it this way to the Monsignor when he was yet again deriding the Jews: "First of all, before your Christian 'God', there was the Jewish 'Yahweh', and Genesis, we know, is in the Old Testament, the Jewish part of the Bible. In Genesis, Yahweh/God created Adam. From Adam, he took a rib and made Eve. So the first being in Earth's history is Yahweh/God, and since he is the alpha and the omega, The Everything, as the Old Testament tells us, then he had to have made Earth from Himself. After all, He pre-existed it, he's the One And Only, and thus everything in Creation could only have been made from Him. If not, then Yahweh/God is not Yahweh/God, and someone else created whatever it was Yahweh/God made Earth with. Per Jewish and Christian teachings, this cannot be, and so you can’t assert otherwise and be anything other than a fraud, along with all of Judaism and Christianity". 
The Monsignor said nothing. 
"From the Earth (which is Yahweh/God),” I continued, “Yahweh/God made Adam. From Adam, from one of his ribs, Yahweh/God made Eve. Adam and Eve had sex and Cain and Abel came about. That was it. That was the entire human race in Eden (Earth/Yahweh/God/whatever). The Bible tells us this explicitly. It is the most basic doctrine of Judaism and Christianity, and thus makes things very easy. If there is such a thing as you are referring to - Jews as a race - then the race had to start somewhere. As we see in the Bible, ALL humans started with the Prime Five. This can only translate as being that Yahweh/God was Jewish and so Adam, made from Yahweh/God, could be nothing other than Jewish and thus Eve as well, being made from Jewish Adam made from Jewish Yahweh/God. Cain and Abel, born of Adam and Eve, likewise were full-bloodedly Jewish".
The Monsignor, already a milky-assed mick like me, started going paler than pale as he began to understand where I was heading.
"This can mean only one thing: every human being on Earth is Jewish, which renders the distinction meaningless. Except…except…all we Jews, including you and me, are the products of incest!!!"
"Whaaaaaaat?!?!" yelped the monsignor, stricken.
"Yeah, we are, it can be no other way! After all, Eve had only two sons. The Bible says so: no daughters, no other sons, nada, bupkiss. The only way there could be a human race, then, is if C&A were fucking their mother because, as the Bible - the Jewish part, the Old Testament - says, Adam and Eve had two sons and two sons only. There is NO other factor because the Bible ends the whole of God's creations right there, after Cain and Abel. After Creation, after Cain and Abel had to have been screwing their mother in order to continue 'homo judensis', which we all are. God then concentrated on torturing and killing as many of his creation's offspring as possible, going in and out of psychotic rages. He was probably pissed He’d fucked up so badly and forgotten to make more women, then appalled when His creations did as they had to: committed incest to survive lineally. Like all patriarchs, He couldn't for a moment bear to think about His own incredible stupidity and took it out on His children. We humans have aped that ever since.
"And another thing, Monsignor: can you explain to me the logic of Jewish matrilineality? I mean, Yahweh/God was male and first created a male human, from whom a female was ripped…so how is it that Jews – and, again, given the premises, we’re all Jewish - trace their Jewishness through women when men were the original creators and the original Creation, women second-hand? I've asked many Jews, and not one can answer me."
Nor could he. Not long after, in confession, he refused to grant me absolution for my "sins", at which I was momentarily very very shocked and, seconds later, understood instantly with clearest possible clarity and with finality that all religion is a fraud. I walked out of the church, returned two weeks later, asking to excommunicated, which the monsignor refused to do, and then I walked back out again. I've never set foot within a church since then, except once when forced to by a Christian Scientist friend to do so (something some of my best friends marvel agog at and which I decline to explain) and one other time to observe the rites for a buddy who was gay and died of AIDS. But, since then, I've confronted all the religiously deluded with the above exercise in logic and asked anyone in the Abrahamic traditions - Jew, Christian, and Muslim - to disprove me based on their liturgies and what they say are their beliefs. Not one has been able to do so. Only five have attempted and went away starting to doubt their faith.
As to Semitism, it is, as said, a language and not a race, culture, or ethnicity, and before the Philistines/Palestinians became Semitic, they used another language, no one's sure which one. Same with the Hebrews: before Hebrew, there were antecedent languages informing the later Hebrew language among the desert tribe(s) formulating it. All language is theft, no language excepted, so Semitism describes only a certain event in history - pure logic but also a matter of historical record. 
Thus, if you wish to call Palestinians 'frauds', then Jews/Hebrews/whatevers are also frauds, most likely much bigger frauds. Problem, though: the first Hebrews/Jews were Mediterranean (Sephards) of tribal origin; the others, the Ashkenazi, could not exist without the Sephards being there first to provide the religion they converted to, and thus the Ashkenazi have been referred to as 'false Jews', conversos from Khazaria – one-day pagans or Christians or whatever, the next day Jewish by royal decree and not for a moment through the conversion process demanded by Jewish law, which all Jews somehow pointedly overlook, rabbis foremost. Verrrrrrry convenient!
Ironic then: you claim Palestinians as frauds but the Ashkenazis are far larger so, and they compose…95% of the Jewish population. You, I know because we met and talked several times when you and my brother lived together, if you are Jewish, are Ashkenazi, as Sephards (Mediterraneans) are much swarthier than Russians (Ashkenazi). You, dude, are as milky-white as me, a fuckin’ mick. More irony: the Ashkenazi treat the Sephards VERY poorly in Israel, look upon them as second-class citizens, almost goyim, schvarzes. So much for Jewish brotherhood and fraternity, hm? Mazel tov, tikun olam, and oy, such a mitzvah!
As I say, any distinction other then 'human' is artifice. We're all frauds when we aver otherwise.
Btw, "international customer service"....is that just a glorified Complaints Dept., or do you deal with aircraft manufacturers? I'm curious because I, as you know, I planned, made, and Qual'ed 747s for 25 years.
NEXT: Pt. 2.
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