So many False Flags... so many colorful crimes

Crimes committed under color of law. No one in the mainstream educates our youth.... and our youth have become the enemy of truth... both willingly and unwillingly. Bombs here and bombs there... lessons learned by the alphabet agencies have caused shoot outs and deaths. They passed those laws, you see, to kill us... can't have trials. Truth must remain buried. More dead patsies, more dead citizens... and now we are closer to that march to the rails... that march to the cars that carry us to the ultimate.  Indeed I am insane, of course... what can come from all the knowing except insanity.  Crazy like a fox....

And you tell me... where are our Public Servants. Must everyone be an Authority over me... over you?

I saw a video of a suspected Bomber laying in a street... this man was a corpes with no breath and no twitching... no blood on this incline... no ... he looks like he has rigor already... just saying, I saw a man laying on a street and he didn't look natural at all.

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Not all youth are the enemy of truth.

There are young people who run independent websites, make independent music, and see through the lies.

Of course sometimes they are misguided. The upcoming March Against Monsanto will be huge, but it will not and cannot accomplish anything except for getting a lot of protesters arrested. Our government does not allow public opinion to influence policy decisions--only big money can do that.

If they would organize massive boycotts of Monsanto and of anything that contains Monsanto products, and organize a massive boycott of the elections that are funded by Monsanto and allow Monsanto to make government policy, they'd be a lot more effective. Some are beginning to understand. In the meantime, my new motto is, "Don't bail out voters--they'll only vote to authorize the government to arrest them again."  ;)

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