Thinking About Chris Dorner - by Mark E. Smith

I'd posted what purported to be Dorner's manifesto on Fubar, but I've since deleted it as it turns out to be at least partly faked.

Another miracle, like the unsinged, unseared, pristine passport of one of the alleged hijackers on 9/11 that miraculously survived the plane crash, fires, and explosions, and was found blocks away, it seems that Dorner's wallet (apparently his second or third wallet, as his wallet was reportedly found twice before in different locations) survived the fire intact, while the cabin and everything else in it was burnt to a crisp. Everybody on the web has been asking where they can get one of those fire-proof wallets.

Dorner's body was allegedly positively identified by his dental records, however with that much pressure on the case, any medical examiner who wanted to keep their job would have positively identified a box of cornflakes as Dorner.

I still do not believe that anyone on a cop-killing spree would commit some murders, then stop and check into a hotel on a military base under their own ID. None of his targets were there, it wouldn't draw the cops away from him, there was no possible purpose for Dorner to have checked into a hotel on a military base using his own ID. Unless, of course, he wasn't on a cop-killing spree, didn't know about the murders or that he was being framed for them, and first learned about it when he turned on the TV in his hotel room. I think that's why he left the hotel without checking out, and I don't think he had any guns with him when he checked in. Anyone on a military base for any reason is subject to search at any time. If he didn't have his arsenal with him, where did he leave it, and why did he leave it to check into a hotel on a military base? Is that what someone on a cop-killing spree would do, leave his weapons someplace else and go check into a hotel on a military base to watch TV and relax?

I also find it hard to believe that somebody who boasted of his military skills would "ambush" a cop car by standing in the open, and shoot wildly instead of waiting for a clear shot, so that he only slightly grazed one officer, or that cops who had been shot at by Dorner wouldn't have called for backup if they weren't able to shoot or pursue him. I have no military training, but if I wanted to kill cops I wouldn't stand in the open, since cops are armed and can shoot back, and if I'd "ambushed" a cop car, I'd wait until I had a clear shot before shooting. Where were all the weapons he claimed to have? Did the cops even leave a throwaway gun in the cabin or was Dorner unarmed? They claimed a shot was fired. One shot. That's a guy who's going to take out as many cops as he can when they get him?

The manifesto was apparently tampered with and stuff was added to it that Dorner didn't write. If he did write some of that stuff, it may have been taken out of context. But his actions weren't those of the person the manifesto claimed him to be.

I agree with the conspiracy theorists on this one. I don't think Dorner killed anyone. I think this was a huge psy-op to justify assassinating US citizens on US soil without due process.

Is it coincidence that when the media want to portray somebody as a real badass, the most convincing proof of badnessedness, as with Osama bin Laden and Christopher Dorner, is that he used to work for them?

ACAB. Dorner wasn't a cop anymore. He was a whistleblower and this fascist government hates whistleblowers more than anyone else. Torture somebody and you're safe from prosecution because you were just following orders and just doing your job (the Eichmann defense, formalized in the Military Commissions Act), but blow the whistle on torture and you go to prison like John Kiriakou.

A high school kid with daddy's gun could have done a better job of killing cops than Dorner allegedly did. I don't think Dorner was out to get cops, I think the cops were out to get Dorner.

Here are a couple of links to articles that question the official story, if you're interested:

Chris Dorner: Crazed Killer, Innocent Hero or Neither?

Christopher "Renegade Cop" Dorner: Was He Framed?



And then, someone else was thinking about Chris Dorner. . .

Thankis, D. There's thinking and then there's wishful thinking.

I'd been engaging in the latter, while you had the sense to stick to reality. Good article on Dissident Voice--thanks for the link.

Mae Brussel was brilliant.


Thinking About Chris Dorner

Interesting, Mark.  I went to the same corner even without much input on this more than your posting of the so-called manifesto and whatever was being reported in the MSM -- a place I rarely go these days unless I get overly curious about what is being force-fed to the populace.  Therefore, I decided I was probably putting on a tinfoil hat over this one and should simply let it go. After all, I don't have a great affinity for cops anyway, so my lack of curiosity about the blow by blow was truly palpable.  Still, I got the distinct impression this was a planned circus for the average Joe audience - one intended to supply yet another message that whistleblowers will absolutely not be tolerated and will have absolutely no recourse against the legitimized criminal injustice system.  In other words, people will either support the status quo or, they risk being targeted by forces they cannot successfully oppose and they will, to paraphrase the words of Klaatu, " reduced to a burned-out cinder."

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