Lynne Stewart: As Fucked Up As It Gets - by Mark E. Smith

Lynne Stewart, the attorney who is serving a ten year sentence because she refused to express remorse for having done the right thing, has had a recurrence and metastasis of cancer and is unable to get proper treatment. Here are some links to the story:

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Internationalist Prison Books Collective: Lynne Stewart's Health Deteriorating

Socialist Worker: A new threat for Lynne Stewart

This is fucked up on so many levels it's hard to know where to start. It is the US "war on terror" that is illegal, and US arrest and detention policies have no basis in US or international law. Once having denied victims their human and civil rights, the US then denies them proper legal assistance, if they're allowed any mockery of due process at all. Lynne Stewart did nothing wrong and is in prison for knowing she did nothing wrong and refusing to apologize when she did nothing wrong. It is the US government that has been wrong, not Lynne.

But complicating matters is the fact that the US health industry recently admitted that everything it has been doing to treat cancer for the past ten years is also wrong and was based on falsified "science." Would a Texas prison or hospital be likely to know that or care? If she gets any treatment at all, it is likely to be the same old incorrect treatment previously given to cancer patients that will cause her unnecessary suffering and hasten her death.

The US was just as diligent in persecuting people who tried to save cancer patients as it is in persecuting those who try to save victims of US state terrorism. Doctors who prescribed effective cancer treatments were hounded, punished, lost their licenses, and were unable to practice in the US. It was illegal for cancer patients to seek "unorthodox" or "alternative" treatments, even though we now know that the standard treatments were based on fraudulent "science." But Texas is a notoriously backwards state and is unlikely to change their procedures just because everyone else in the world has.

Leave it to the United States to deny a diligent and honest attorney the right to practice law, and then cause her needless suffering and death because they've denied those doctors who could have cured her the right to practice medicine.

The news that all accepted science about cancer was fraudulent came a few months too late to save Fubar's former co-host, Curt Sherwood aka Rossi, who suffered and died from standard cancer treatment, which included prescribing chemotherapy to him despite the fact that he had almost no liver function, something that not even the corporate health care industry does any more. Just a few months, and he might have listened to those of us who tried to warn him. I'm sure that Lynne's friends have warned her about the dangers of standard cancer treatments, but if she is allowed any treatment at all, that might be her only option.

As Rossi used to say, Fuck The World!


Wouldn't it be nice....

Wouldn't it be nice if, now that the health care industry admits that everything it has done with regard to cancer has been trash, the government restored the medical licenses of the honest doctors it had prosecuted and hounded out of business? Compensated the families of cancer victims who were denied the right to seek effective treatments and were limited to the government-approved treatments that were dangerous, ineffective, and based on fraudulent science?

That's as likely to happen as the US government admitting that it is the number one perpetrator of state sponsored terrorism in the world today and changing its ways.

Even though we now know the truth, laws about cancer treatment are likely to remain on the books for decades and fraudulent cancer treatments will continue as long as the health care industry finds them profitable. Few if any victims will ever be compensated, and the ethical doctors who were prosecuted will remain in prison or in exile.

The fraudulent "war on terror" will continue as long as defense corporations and politicians can profit from them, and few if any of the victims of US genocide will ever be compensated. Sometimes a family gets a small monetary payment from the US, but these are so miniscule as to be negligible in terms of the trillions of dollars the US makes from war profiteering.

As for human rights in the United States, only corporations have human rights, and only the rich are considered to be human. But the people who are working two jobs so that they can make their car payments, their mortgage payments, and their credit card payments on the wall-sized flat-screen TVs that they watch when they aren't working or sleeping, are unlikely to notice. They keep up with how their favorite sports teams are doing, what celebrities are doing, and what the latest model gadgets being marketed cost, but factual matters of life and death are not part of their regular TV programming.

When liberals say that more people are waking up, what they really mean is that more people are losing their jobs and homes, becoming poor, and then having the time to question things and find out why. But that's too late, because once they're poor they're no longer considered mainstream, or even human. Capitalism sucks.



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