Voters and the Lee Boyd Malvo Syndrome - by Mark E. Smith

A lot of research has been done into why people become serial killers. Usually
they have been abused as kids and never had strong family attachments. They're
looking for love in all the wrong places. But US voters are also serial
killers. No matter who they vote for, they are granting their consent of the
governed to a system that they know will continue to commit genocide in their

Reading the book *The Making of Lee Boyd Malvo: the DC Sniper* by Carmeta
Albarus and Jonathan Mack, I was struck by the way in which Malvo became a
serial killer resembles the way in which US voters become complicit in

The first requisite is abuse. The US government is abusive, and like most
abusive parents, tells people that it is abusing them for their own good and
because it loves them. Unable to give love, abusers often try to compensate
with gifts and presents, using material rewards to buy love and loyalty and to
prove that they care, and the US government does this also.

In order to make people susceptible to brainwashing, they usually are made to
suffer both abuse and abandonment. In a capitalist system where workers are
abused and exploited by their employers, they have to be absent from the home
for long hours and, unable to strike back at their bosses for the humiliations
and stress they endure at work, because if they did they'd lose their jobs,
they take out their anger on their families, replicating the pattern necessary
to create serial killers.

Patriarchal religions were devised, in part, so that children abused by
parents who were themselves abused by a society that devalued them, would seek
the parental figures they needed in the sky, and submit passively to suffering
in hopes of being rewarded by the mythical father-figure in another world.

Military governments are adept at tearing down young people's identities and
rebuilding them as emotionless contract killers. John Muhammad used the
techniques of both religion and the military to destroy Malvo's personality
and rebuild the child in his own image, as his accomplice to murder. But other
subterfuges were also necessary. Muhammad convinced Malvo that it was
necessary to kill people so that Muhammad could get his kids back and make a
better world. Muhammad was able to demonstrate that there was a greater evil
which had to be opposed and that justified the lesser evil of killing people.
Don't political parties do the same thing to voters?

Eleanor Roosevelt famously said, "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds
discuss events; small minds discuss people." That's because immature minds can
only focus on people and events. It takes maturity to be able to focus on
ideas. People who are looking for substitute parents and for a sense of
belonging, become fascinated with celebrities and politicians, unable to grasp
the system that gives charismatic but obedient people celebrity status and
political prominence.

The most lucid demonstration of the loss of character that both serial killers
and voters undergo, was when Democrats who had been vociferously protesting
the Bush wars of aggression based on lies, became silent as soon as Obama was
elected and not only continued but expanded those war crimes. Democrats will
tell you that Republicans are a greater evil, but there is no greater evil
than crimes against humanity. Once having identified with their abuser, as
Malvo first began to think of himself as Muhammad's son, and then as
Muhammad's alter ego, victims cannot bring themselves to blame or condemn
their abusers, as that would be blaming and condemning themselves. So those
guilty of mass murder, those who carry out the mass murders, and those who
become complicit in mass murder by voting, see themselves as being part of a
greater good opposing a greater evil, even as they become the evil they wish
to oppose.

If you tell US voters, as I have literally thousands of times, that by casting
their ballots in an electoral system where only pro-genocide candidates can
win, they are complicit in genocide, they will invariably respond with
personal attacks or simply break off communications. They can't handle the
truth because it isn't how they want to see themselves, but they have no
possible logical argument with which to refute reality.

The social worker, Carmeta Albarus, who wrote the book and who helped Malvo
break his identification with Muhammad and regain his own identity, had to
prove to Malvo that there were people who loved him for himself, despite what
he had become and the evil he had done. Is it possible for us to prove this to

If we want people to stop voting their consent to genocide and to become the
good, decent, conscientious people they want to be, were meant to be, and have
the capacity to be, we must.

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