Twitter Widget and Left Sidebar

Sure do miss rossi.

The Twitter Widget wasn't working for me, so I tried a bunch of stuff and couldn't fix it.

Finally I deleted it and got a new one.

Unfortunately this one isn't as nice as the one rossi had, and it is bigger. Also it is above the "New Topics" instead of below it.

But it's working for me now. If it doesn't work for you, please let me know--not that's there much I can do about it.  :banghead:

But... but... but...

I still like the new one!  The twitter bar is why I come here a lot of the time.  I read what's tweetin' 'round .


Maybe Mike can help you fix it if you need it fixed?

Glad it works for you, Coacoa.

And if it works, then it don't need fixing.  ;)


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