Jill Stein: Lesser Evil - by Mark E. Smith

Jill Stein is the Green Party candidate for President of the United Capitalist Imperialist States in 2012, and she certainly appears to be the much lesser evil. Of course Stein and her running mate, Cheri Honkala, know that they can't win, but their goal is to get on the corporate ballot in as many states as possible and get enough votes to qualify for corporate matching funds. Stein doesn't want to win the election, and probably wouldn't be running if she thought that there was any possibility that she'd win. For a Green to become President of the United Corporate Empire would be suicide for both the candidate and the Green Party.

The Green Party is anti-war. A Green Commander-in-Chief would have to make at least a pretense of attempting to stop some of the wars. But that would incur the wrath of every member of Congress, as they all have military bases and defense contractors that provide jobs in their districts, and most are also heavily invested in defense stocks. It would incur the wrath of the Pentagon, the CIA, and every defense contractor in the country. It would incur the wrath of our foreign allies who count on the US to support their dictatorships (Bahrain, Saudi Arabia) or help keep their people suppressed by constantly training terrorists, sending death squads all over the world, and staging false flag operations to keep everyone in a state of fear. Hundreds of countries rely on the US for military aid and derive income for their oligarchies by allowing US military bases on their soil. Stein could posture and gesture about peace, but any effective action would result in her assassination and she knows it. Of course she could compromise her principles and that of her party in order to stay alive and pretend to stay in power, but she couldn't end the wars. Not that she cares about Green Party principles. One of the Ten Key Values of the Green Party is decentralized government, so it is hypocritical for Greens to run candidates for election in a centralized government.

But in seeking to get on the ballot and get enough votes to qualify for federal matching funds, Stein is helping the big corporations, banks, and defense contractors in their multi-billion dollar campaign to get out the vote for continued corporate rule. The turnout in 2012 will be extremely important. Many people have predicted that it will be a historically low turnout for a US presidential race, due to the fact that the major party candidates are widely disliked, even within their own parties, and there is no possibility of hope or change. Still, whoever is alleged to have been elected will claim their mandate, the consent of the governed, from the entire turnout, not just from their own voters. Every vote for a third party candidate like Stein is the consent of the voter to be governed by the system in power right now, under whoever is alleged to have won the election.

I say alleged because we know for a fact that millions of votes go uncounted in every US presidential election, and that there is no way to verify the results, even if the Supreme Court allows the popular vote to be counted by easily hacked and totally unverifiable central tabulators, most of which this year will be owned by a private corporation in Spain. But people who believe in the system are willing to take the announced results on faith. It doesn't really matter to them who wins, as long as the capitalist imperialist system continues in power.

So this year it isn't Democrats or Republicans who are most viciously attacking the Election Boycott Movement, it is Green Party supporters of Jill Stein. If people don't vote, how will they get their corporate federal matching funds? That's a lot of money--about forty times what they spend getting out the vote. So what if the drone bombing continues? Greens want that money and they're not going to let a little genocide stand in their way.

This year, say the Greens, you don't have to vote for one of the two major evil Party candidates, you can vote for a true lesser evil, somebody who doesn't intend to win and is in it only for the money--a reluctant imperialist, but a true capitalist.

And those of us in the Election Boycott Movement who don't intend to vote, who will not grant our consent to the capitalist imperialist system, are now the enemy of the Green Party Get Out The Vote campaign. Sure, they know they're getting out the vote for capitalist imperialism, for corporate rule, and to show public support for and consent to the system and the corporate party winner, but they have a goal and they're single-mindedly pursuing it. They want to seek power within the system, by growing their party, and they want to qualify for corporate federal matching funds. They don't care that the system is a bureaucracy that cannot be changed from within--they seek power and they want to be part of the system anyway. They don't care that in countries with proportional representation where Greens have gained political power, it has invariably corrupted them. They don't care about anything except the money.

Capitalism's lesser evil is still nothing more than a lover of the root of all evil.

Boycott 2012!


Is Stein a closet Zionist?

I’d also wondered if Jill Stein was a Zionist. This article on Mondoweiss addresses that issue, perhaps not conclusively, but at least in part:


Stein apparently does not support a one-state solution, has not mentioned the sanctions part of “Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions” (BDS), and does not seem to be representing the Green Party US platform with regard to the Israel/Palestine situation.

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