Sweet little old lady baby-killers.

I am heartsick.

I live in a senior building. Yesterday I was downstairs in the lobby talking to some of my nicest neighbors. Unfortunately, it turns out that they're Democrats.

When Bush was drone-bombing innocent children, they were angry.

Now that Obama is doing it, they approve whole-heartedly and intend to vote for him again.

They are afraid that if Romney is elected, he would continue to do what Obama is doing, which would horrify them, because he's a Republican.

As long as the genocide and baby-killing is done by Democrats, they don't think they're voting for genocide, they think they're voting for Democrats.

These are not the sweet little old ladies they appear to be. They are blood-thirsty genocidal maniacs, who want to kill as many innocent babies as possible, as long as it is Democrats doing the killing.

I live in the belly of the beast, in the capitalist imperialist military superpower of the United States. The nicest people here are sweet little baby-killers.

I am heartsick.

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