A mass murderer just leaves me with questions

  James?  does your father know who you hang out with these days? Robert? is testimony and fraud at the bottom of your nightmare? Or maybe DARPA lurks in the ooze of green and red swirls. PHD Means Heavy and many have made them an anchor. 

  Sadness over another ruined life... but then I see the millions ruined around the world and I am without air. Write a letter to Sirhan Sirhan... ask him if he found an extra mask. I wonder at times why so many things link to other, seemingly unrelated, things... and I wonder why it always seems so easy and obvious to connect the dots... who is making these stupid dots?

Maybe one day we will all have peace with what was never done and learn to live with what was done. who knows.


Connecting the dots.

“Serial killers do, on a small scale, what governments do on a large one.” – Richard Ramirez (serial killer)

It is a fact that many USAmericans who consider themselves to be good, decent people, will be voting for a known serial killer with a kill list. Of course the list is only a tiny fraction of his kills--most are collateral damage, something, I've read, on the order of fifty innocent civilians killed for every so-called military target. But only serial killers stand any chance of winning the election, so no matter who people vote for, that's what they'll get.

You are unusual, Coacoa, in thinking about it and allowing it to disturb you. The US not only trains killers, it recently outsourced assassination contracts to private corporations like Blackwater, which are really just extensions of the US gov't., as they mostly consist of retired government agents double dipping by continuing to kill for the government in their new "civilian" role.

I would suspect that most serial killers in the US are US government trained, as atrocities are always needed in order to justify the extensive militarization of a police state. A few, like Ramirez, may be trained by those the government trained, whether deliberately or merely by example, but I think most are trained directly.

A system that teaches people to kill, rewards them for killing, and then abandons them, is also likely to end up with a lot of random killers.

Things don't have to be this way. I'm reading a book-length interview of Fidel Castro and he recounted how his revolutionaries were careful to kill as few people as possible, never to torture or execute, to care for the enemy wounded as their own, and thereby gained the support of 90% of the country, including most of the military. Cubans are taught from birth to care about others, whereas USAmericans are taught the opposite.

It is the system that shapes people. If there is violence constantly on TV, many kids will grow up to accept violence as a normal part of life. It doesn't have to be that way.

What is in the future? I wish there would be a rising consciousness, but I think it very unlikely. Time will tell. If we are lucky, perhaps we won't be here. ;)

A young man in military uniform sat down next to me on the bus a few days ago. I felt like asking him if he was afraid, so that when he asked, "Of what?" I could say that 18 active duty US military personnel commit suicide every day, so wasn't he afraid that one day everything might go horribly wrong for him and he might end up as one of them. But I didn't say anything. There was really no point. He's a product of a system, and if I had happened to be a person of a different skin color and different religion in another country, he'd have killed me without a second thought.




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