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Lebanon, the Sectarianization of Politics, and Genderalizing the Arab Uprisings: Interview with Maya Mikdashi

Ever wondered why it is that when worse things happen to females here in the US than in the Arab world, there's no government outrage? The article linked above explains it. I suggest it be read slowly and thoughtfully.

The simple fact is that many more females are killed in the US by males who believe that they own those females, i.e., husbands and boyfriends, and are punishing them out of jealously or for real or perceived disobedience the same way that traditionally patriarchal masters have always killed slaves and chattel, than are killed in the Arab world, but when Arabs do it, it is seen as a heinous honor killing and oppression of females, but when we do it, it is just a statistic to be ignored.

US males kill "their" females much more often than Afghan males, Saudi males, Iranian males, or males in any other Arabic-speaking or Muslim countries that most people in the US believe are oppressive towards females. Funny that they're not as oppressive as we are. They might expect females to wear veils, not to work or go to school, but they rarely kill them. Here in the US males kill females all the time, and when we go to "liberate" Arab countries, we kill more of their females (and children) than would ever be killed by their own people. We also tend to ignore the fact that in many of those countries, females don't have to wear the veil, and do work and go to school. In fact the countries where females had the most equality, even more than here in the US, like Iraq and Libya, were countries we invaded, whereas countries that have the least female equality, like Saudi Arabia, are close allies of the US. In fact, until a notorious court case brought a stop to it a few years ago, the US Marines stationed in Saudi Arabia forced female US Marines to wear the veil if they went outside the military base. The excuse, if I recall correctly, was so as not to interfere with or offend local customs. So if the local custom was cannibalism, we'd do it too? And then why do we invade countries and overthrow their regimes because we disapprove of their customs?

Remember the female (most likely a CIA plant) who claimed to have been raped by Gaddafi's troops? Hillary Clinton personally went over and accompanied that female to the United States. But females are raped in the US all the time by cops, prison guards, and their military peers and superior officers, yet Hillary hasn't reached out a hand to one of them. And there was another female, an Egyptian news correspondent apparently based in Israel and the US, who claimed that Gaddafi's troops had twisted her breast. Yet every female in the US has to allow US government officials (TSA) to fondle their breasts if they wish to board a plane. Double standards, much?

Let him whose country is without sexism, drop the first drone bomb.

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