Was San Diego Mayor Sanders Elected? - by Mark E. Smith

I've never believed that Jerry Sanders was actually elected. Various election integrity groups in San Diego had observers at the polls and I'd gone to sleep the night of the election believing that Donna Frye had won because most polling place results showed her winning by comfortable a two-to-one or three-to-one margin. But when the results were announced, the elections officials said that the race had been determined by absentee ballots. Nobody had been able to see the absentee votes being counted because the election officials conveniently "forgot" to notify the official observers. The officials claimed that, unlike most San Diego voters, absentee voters had voted heavily for Sanders in sufficient numbers to ensure his win. Since San Diego election results, like more than 92% of results in US elections, are unverifiable, there was no way to prove otherwise.

Now here's a story in the news a few days ago about elections officials in another California city pleading guilty to tampering with absentee ballots:


Since the public cannot observe the arrival of absentee mail-in ballots, the officials simply opened the ballots, threw out the votes for other candidates, and resealed the votes for themselves that would be counted. I think that's how it was probably done in San Diego also.

It took three elections for the real estate developers and corrupt elections officials to get Sanders into office. In the first election the extremely popular environmentalist City Councilwoman Donna Frye won as a write-in candidate. The election official at the time then threw out about 5,000 votes for Frye because the voters hadn't filled in a little bubble to enable the Diebold optical scanners to read (and then flip) the ballots. She promptly resigned and an even more corrupt election official replaced her, a former Diebold spokesperson. There were many protests in San Diego, but California law does not allow the clear intent of the voter to be taken into account--only the requirements of the voting machine manufacturers are considered. When a State legislator tried to introduce legislation to correct that, the Governor threatened to veto it and the bill was withdrawn. It probably wouldn't have had the votes to pass anyway, as I believe that most elected officials won their elections through fraud.

Elections officials claimed that the second election did not show a clear majority, as they had apparently been unable to overcome the heavy vote for Donna Frye because there were too many candidates running against her, so a third election was held. This time the elections officials, claiming that San Diego's absentee voters had voted differently from voters who had gone to the polls, gave the win to Sanders. Perhaps one day, after the city has declared bankruptcy, a whistleblower may step forward and tell us what really happened. More likely we'll never know for sure because there is no way to verify the results of US elections. And San Diego, due to an authoritarian City Clerk, who pushed it through against the wishes of the Citizens' Committee on Elections which she had convened and of which I was a member, has switched almost entirely to absentee ballots, eliminating most polling places.

Pretty sad.

And most likely happening all over the US, not just Calif. Staggers the imagination to think how many votes could (will) conceivably fail to be counted by that vote-counting company based in Barcelona, Spain! Elections are rigged, no doubt about it. And I think a lot more people are realizing this, esp in light of 2012 campaign events so far even. November's 'election' results ought to be interesting. I wonder if people's reactions will be any more interesting. With general public slowly waking up, who knows?

Very few are waking up.

Annie Leonard who did "The Story of Stuff" just did a new video called "The Story of Change."

In it she says people should vote. She can't think of a reason why but says we just should. ROFL

I posted a comment explaining clearly why we shouldn't. It got a lot of dislikes. I don't know if it got any likes because their system may zero out each like for each dislike, and there are probably teams of political party operatives posting dislikes.

So, she understands a few things, like that we have too much stuff and corporations have too much power, but she doesn't understand that the way that corporations wield their power is through the political campaigns they fund to get people to vote for their political puppets who make legislation to please their big donors. Or if she does understand, she doesn't dare say it for fear of losing her own funding.

Fucked up. Anyway, I unsubscribed to her mailing list. If she wants people to vote to let corporate-funded politicians make their decisions for them, she's as big a liar as Obama, because that's not going to bring about any change, or even any hope for change.


My thoughts on how Sanders was "elected."

I think that the votes at the polling places were so heavily for Donna Frye, that the elections officials had barely enough write-in ballots to reverse the results, and then only if they removed all or almost all the non-Sanders ballots before the write-ins were counted. But they must have realized that seeing almost every (or perhaps every) vote was for Sanders wouldn't have been convincing to observers, so they conveniently "forgot" to notify the official observers.

I was supposed to have been one of the official observers for the Green Party. But I had taken the Registrar of Voters to court on my own initiative when I learned that they hadn't been selecting the precincts randomly for the mandatory tally (partial recount) as they were supposed to by law. The judge found that they indeed hadn't been selecting the precincts randomly, and, rather than penalizing them, suggested that they do so in the future. They had also removed me as an official observer, which I brought to the judge's attention. The judge said that my removal appeared to have been retaliatory, but again didn't penalize them or ask them to reinstate me. Had I been one of the official observers, I probably would have phoned the Registrar's office every day to find out when they planned to count the write-in ballots, so they would have had to lie to me in order to do the count unobserved. The other observers were more trusting and simply waited to be notified, which of course never happened because the Registrar "forgot."


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