Do Not Resuscitate

I got the book from the library, made out a legal California Living Will that says Do NOT Resuscitate, and then worried about how the paramedics would know that I have a living will and do not wish to be resuscitated.

I did some research and found wallet cards, bracelets, dog tags, keychain flash drives, and other devices, but they all have drawbacks. Sometimes the flash drives can't be read, the wallet cards aren't found, and the bracelets and dog tags could break. So I decided to get a tattoo.

It will be on my wrist, where they'd take my pulse, and it will just be a small medic alert symbol, which is three crossed bars like a thick asterisk in red, with the letters "DNR" above it in black for Do Not Resuscitate. That can't be missed and won't get lost.

Then I can also carry a wallet card with the location of my living will, or carry a copy of the living will itself in my wallet.

The tattoo place always asks people if they are serious about getting a tattoo, and in my case I said, "Serious as death."



Paramedics don't honor living wills.

So I didn't get the tattoo. The paramedics' job is to get people to the hospital. That's what they're paid to do, so that's what they do. They ignore living wills, health care directives, and do not resuscitate orders.

The only way to avoid medical treatment is not to call the paramedics and to somehow persuade other people not to. Which means that if I fall down and can't get up, I can't pull those convenient alarms in my bedroom and bathroom, because if I pull them, the building manager will send somebody to see if I'm okay, and they're very likely to call the paramedics.

Meanwhile, a friend has been telling me about the late Dr. Hulda Clark's "zapper." I'm very skeptical, but I got one of her books from the library and I'm reading it. The zapper is a device that supposedly kills worms and parasites, except that the book says that it can't penetrate to where they might be internally. Quite a contradiction, but I'm reading on. There may be something to it and I'm learning stuff from reading the book. Always read with skepticism, but keep an open mind because some things might make sense while other things won't.


At their Mercy...

What can I say... nothing. Oh, I am trying Carnivora capsules... lol, why? because I found them and bought them. My coughing is reduced to a few times an hour and I can sleep a little better. This little miracle is suppose to kill abnormal cells ... lol I have a mental image of a tiny submarine computer that has all possible combinations of abnormality in it's tiny brain and it  is in a battle to save me.   It is made from Venus fly trap plants... <fighting the insect eating thoughts from my brain.>  Are they really helping me? can't really say for sure but I will let you all know as time goes by.   My mental images say a lot of my simplicity.


Glad you found something that helps.

I'm completely convinced that anything that strengthens our immune system helps, and that anything that weakens it does not, even if it might appear to help in the short term.

I'm constantly amazed at how the immune system can bounce back, even after it has apparently been destroyed. I'm guessing that as long as we're alive, we have some sort of immune system left.


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