Rossi Is Still With Us In Spirit


Rossi passed away at 4:09 a.m.

He was the technical end, and the force and driving spirit of Fubar. He will always be loved and remembered.



Thank You

Rossi is my Uncle, He will be truely missed and loved by many. He is my personal inspiration for many things I do in my life. He was more than just an uncle to me, he was a mentor. A few months ago I called him to inform him that i was running for State Senator here in Arizona and I will never forget what he told me, he said "kid, you can do it! get in that office and kick those self rightous jackass's in the balls and show em you mean business", thats my dear ole uncle i will never forget. He turned me onto this site some years ago and ive enjoyed reading each and every post he, and the rest of you have posted. So from my family to all of you, Thank You for being a good bunch of friends to him and keeping him entertained and on his toes :)

I'm so sorry to hear that.

Rossi also said that he thought he might be able to withstand chemo better than most people.

He was wrong.

If the doctors weren't lying or mistaken, Rossi had advanced liver cancer. The liver is the organ that removes poisons from the body. Chemo is poison. To withstand chemo better than most people, you'd have to have a stronger liver than most people, and people with advanced liver cancer have extremely reduced liver function. I can't figure out who was stupider, the doctor who suggested chemo, or Rossi for agreeing to it.

Arizona has some of the most rigged elections in the country, and the US has some of the most rigged elections in the world. If you're politically right-wing and corrupt enough to "win" an Arizona "election," you'll certainly accomplish a lot (none of it good), hurting immigrants, hurting the elderly and disabled who rely on social programs, and helping the rich get richer. If not, you won't accomplish anything at all because you won't have the seniority to get anything to the floor and you wouldn't have the votes to pass it if you did. 

Rossi was too kind to burst your bubble. Nobody who has read and understood even half the literature listed as "evidence" in the footnote to "Consensual Political Intercourse," on Fubar, or the top article on this site, "You've Got to Stop Voting," or "The Fable of Lanova Messiah," and who doesn't want to hurt themselves or others, would consider voting, no less running for office in the United States.

My condolences on the loss of your uncle. He always talked like a left-wing radical here on Fubar, but the fact that he trusted doctors means that deep down he believed in the system. The system always betrays anyone who believes in it. Always. If you're corrupt enough to want to be part of a system like that, the only ass you'll be kicking are those of the poor, the weak, and the vulnerable. That's easy enough to do, but nobody with a heart or conscience would do it.

Take a look at Ron Paul's career: In his 30 years in Congress he got one (1) bill passed, to convey a parcel of property to a historical society in his home district. That's it. And he's not even leftist--he's about as racist and right-wing as you can get.

One of the rules on Fubar is that political party operatives are not allowed. If you're running for office on a political party ticket, this is probably not a good place for you.




Yes, Rest in Peace

This is very somber news. Though I did not know him well, I knew him well enough to understand he cared about this world and the people in it.  He promoted communication and strived to know more  through this site, and I am sure in many other areas of life. 

Folkie, knowing how close you were to him, I feel acutely for your loss.  Please know as I remember him, I hold you too in my prayers and thoughts.   

Fubar is an interesting place.  It's a place where truth is told and untangled.

RIP Rossi.


Thanks, Mojo--much appreciated.

Everyone who knew Rossi on Fubar knew a caring person and he is greatly missed.


Thoughts for his Family ... and

Thank you, Rossi...

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