Leonard Peltier: Not Everyone In Prison is Innocent

I have deleted the "Free Peltier" link that Rossi had posted in the right sidebar. While Peltier may or may not be guilty of the crimes with which he is charged, some who were close to the incidents at the time do not support him. Their reasons can be inferred from this recent article by his attorney:




His attorney suspects that Peltier's must trusted adviser at the time was an FBI infiltrator and that this was also true of other AIM leaders. There was concern among the AIM leadership about infiltrators, so it is quite likely that the actual feds, to maintain their positions of trust within the movement, pointed the finger at innocent people who were then killed by AIM as being FBI infiltrators and/or informants.


Those who knew the truth were not listened to at the time and have not forgotten or forgiven the brutal and needless murders they believe to have been perpetrated by gullible and arrogant AIM leaders who trusted FBI informants who toadied to them, and did not trust some of the women in AIM who tried to warn them. This was a tragedy within a tragedy within a tragedy.



Thank you, Coacoa--more awareness is very much needed.

Particularly for those in resistance movements. It is difficult to avert tragedies, but most certainly those who are protesting a lack of human rights should try to be respectful of human rights and wary of those who are not.

Very nicely done...

It is a matter now of hearts and burdens that weigh heavy... and, of course we all know well that some just do not have a heart so burdens of truth bear no weight at all.  Thank you for posting this story, it opens doors for those not fully aware. 

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