The U.S. v. Joe Arpaio: Justice Department Sues Arizona Sheriff for Racial Profiling of Latinos

It really does look a little strange (updated & corrected).


The "Justice Department," of the United States of America, that same Justice Department that has more prisoners than any other country on earth, that runs prisons known for rape, torture, and abuse of prisoners, is suing Arpaio for doing the same thing they're doing, but on a vastly smaller scale?

More likely Arpaio's being sued to help get out the vote for the Presidential election. Everyone who supports Ron Paul will believe Arapaio is being sued for making trouble about Obama's birth certificate. Of course Ron Paul always drops out and throws his support to the Republican candidate, and most of his followers will go along, as they weren't likely to have wanted to vote for Obama anyway, but they do believe in elections and they want to vote. Having Ron Paul in the race for a while makes it look like Obama isn't running unopposed (or, as in '08, "opposed" by somebody with the exact same agenda he has), so that helps bring out Obama voters.

One thing for sure, the US Justice Department doesn't give a rat's ass about racial profiling, immigrant rights, human rights, or justice. It is just a misleadingly named torture bureau.



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Just adding as a comment-

The Justice Department has sued Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his deputies in Maricopa County for racially profiling Latino residents in the Phoenix area. The DOJ contends that Arpaio and his deputies aggressively targeted Latinos, regardless of their immigration status, and retaliated against anyone who got in their way. We go to Phoenix to speak with Randy Parraz, president of Citizens for a Better Arizona. "We believe, finally, we’re going to have an airing of what’s taken place," Parraz says. "We applaud the federal government and the Department of Justice for coming in and holding Sheriff Arpaio accountable, because local law enforcement officials here ... are unwilling to do that work." [includes rush transcript]


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