New post reminds people votes don't count with three videos.- (Newslink)


Three great short videos to remind people that the elections are rigged.

One video tells people to "stay on top of it" if they choose to vote, but if a 15-year election official in his own office can't tell that an election was stolen, an ordinary voter certainly could not.


It isn't just that certain voting machines aren't verifiable, the central tabulators that count more than 92% of US ballots, are not verifiable. (A central tabulator in one of the videos is shown and is referred to as "GEMS.") Elections officials know only what the machines tell them and the machines know only what the memory cards tell them. But the memory cards are easily hacked and unverifiable. In some elections where the vote was so obviously fraudulent that activists demanded an investigation, some of the memory cards has "disappeared," probably in the same way that they had caused the votes to "disappear."

What happened to the "share this" button?

It has been replaced by something called "bookmark and share" that gives me a long list instead of a quick menu, and when I click on Twitter the Tweet box only has the URL of the article here, not the title the way it used to. The old one was easier and better.

Where was it in the 1st place?

Where was the "share this" button?

On the right hand side, just

On the right hand side, just where it now says, "Tell the World about this & FUBAR." That's what it said before, but it was clickable, and instead of a long menu, it first gave you a short menu with the most popular sites, like Twitter, and then if you wanted it, you could get a longer menu. Clicking on Twitter would then give you a Twitter box with both the title of the article and its Fubar URL already in the box, and you could edit the box to add something if you wished before posting. The new clickable line, "Bookmark and Share" gives you a Twitter box when you select Twitter (you really have to scroll down that long list to find it), with the Fubar URL of the article already in the box, but it doesn't include the title of the article. The old one was much better and easier to use.

Maybe it came from ? If I remember it used to include the words via @AddThis or something like that, but I usually erased that part to get more space to type.

Like this ?

photo removed


As we can see in the snapshot above, I used firefox to test AddThis. The short list popped up and twitter is the first app listed.


* check your AddThis settings, if need be confirgure your shortlist and save. Go here in case you can't get there by normal means.

* download AddThis for firefox. Firefox is not the issue and neither if fubar. :scratch:


Hover, don't click

I just noticed that when I click on the AddThis bar the long list comes up. But when I hover over it, the short list appears.

I can't hover over something I can't see.

I can see and use the share this button in Chrome and IE, but can't even see it in Firefox. And still can't see the Twitter widget tweets. Maybe the next time Firefox updates it will be fixed. In the meantime Firefox is good for everything else except Fubar widgets.

New Widget in place

good luck

Thanks. That's a great new widget, rossi.


However I can still only see it with Chrome and IE, not with Firefox. Maybe my Firefox has become corrupted somehow. Anyway, I love this widget. Facebook, Twitter, email, print, & "more options" right in a row. Cool! Don't even have to hover and it works great. Thank you!

Firefox 10.0 ?

My guess is that you're running Firefox 10.0

Slide your mouse up to the top edge and click "Help" and "about Firefox".

If you're running on 10.0., that is the root cause. I say.

It says I'm running 11.0


And that I'm up to date and subscribed for automatic updates. Since I didn't have this problem with previous versions, maybe 11.0 is buggy?

11.0 is buggy but

some users have reported 10.0 is not working with AddThis widgets. AddThis has an add-on for Firefox but it's up to you.


The add-on could not be loaded


because of a connection failure on Mozilla. I tried twice and got the same message both times. Oh well.

It's easy to switch to a different browser if I want to use the share-this widget. And I don't really need the Twitter widget because I can see my Tweets on Twitter. As long as they're visible to others, that's good enough.

In fact, I was never really happy with the AddThis widget. I usually take out anything in caps, which the website name usually is, and I don't like having the URL shortened, so I copy the URL from the address bar and replace the shortened URL.

It seems that a CNN film crew in Homs, Syria, set up a live camera to catch an oil pipeline explosion that hadn't happened yet:


As it says under the video on YouTube:

CNN crew filming from Homs placed their camera in the window hours before the pipeline explosion took place. They positioned the camera correctly and took off to the location of the explosion to film it "hands on".

Of course Mr. Rafik Lutif has gotten exclusive footage of the CNN crew behind the scenes. As soon as they returned from filming, the cameramen was in respiratory distress and had issues are you can hear.

Also CNN claims to have no ties with Danny Abdul Dayem. Well think again (photo shown in video).


Danny was caught on video setting up a "firefight," I think for Al Jazeera, by signaling for shots from his assistants so that he could be seen as being "under fire" when he went live. He's now referred to on Twitter as "Danny the Liar."

If it's in the media, it's a lie.

Well, we all remember the BBC reporter live on 9/11 claiming that Building 7 had collapsed while it was still visible standing in the background as she spoke. False flag propaganda has to be tightly coordinated and they often fuck up.


Okay, my Firefox and Fubar aren't compatible in some ways.


I'm just going to have to remember to switch to Chrome or IE when I want to do something other than just post or comment on Fubar.

I did everything you suggested and a whole bunch more to try to get Firefox and Fubar to cooperate, but nothing worked.

So I guess my new routine is to post the article from Firefox, which is where I usually am, and then switch to a different browser to Tweet it.

In Firefox I can't even see that "share" button any more, and I still can't see the Tweets in the Twitter widget. I used to be able to see both, and I haven't changed any settings. First time I see a write-up of a browser that will migrate everything from Firefox, I'm going to download a fourth browser.



switch to plain text editor

you can switch to plain text editor (below and left of the text field) and the smiley codes will work. I think.


And a new article on not voting on OEN

Dennis Loo posted the gist of his talk at the Left Form about not voting. Since I'm banned from OEN, I've written Dennis for permission to repost his article here on Fubar.

More and more articles on OEN advocating that people not vote, and contrary to his rule against such advocacy, Rob Kall hasn't censored or banned anyone.

What a fucking hypocrite he is.

Loved the Loo article.

It explains things so well.  So right.  I like to think that it is exactly the information that we all know but just haven't yet quite put together like that.  Certainly, FUBARIANS see the obvious.  No matter the blinders they expected us to wear, somehow we have managed to see the periphery almost as if the periphery presented itself in front of us. Blinder wearing zombie lawyers...

Rossi...I do see the blue smiley button...and I click on it..a whole huge box of smilies drop down...but then what?  It doesn't let me copy and then I type in the :smile: but that does not turn into a smiley .....what am I doing wrong? 

Click on the smiley you want, and then,


don't lift your finger up, just keep holding it down while you drag the smiley down and into the editing box and put it where you want. Then lift your finger up and the smiley should be where you want it.


At least now we understand the problem.

"Zombies - are - real."

Right. And there is NO WAY to wake them up because they're zombies.


So we're just wasting our time and getting more and more frustrated trying to wake them up. Maybe we should instead concentrate on finding ways to re-bury them so that they'll stay put.


Yeeehaw! New Boycott 2012 group on Facebook.

I almost wish I had a Facebook account just so I could weigh in there:

Zombies - r- real

Very catchy phrase.  So is Deliberate Ignorance.  Maybe Willful Denial works too. Or um...I guess...I'm thinking...Some people, or zombies,  are intelligent but seemingly they refuse to listen.  O ok..Willful Deafness. Deliberate Deafness.  But actually I think they do hear..but still have to play the part of not um..Willfull Deaf Liars.  How about that one?  That kind of works too.

Its just too obvious anymore.  I used to listen to a radio program called the Bob and Tom Show when I lived in Texas.  I think the show was broadcast from Ohio somewhere, or maybe Pennsylvania...can't remember.  Anyway, there was a segment called Mr. Obvious.  And the gist of this segment was that callers would call into the Mr Obvious show and ask really absurd questions that of course had the most obvious answers.  So Mr. Obvious would point out this fact to the caller..It was funny in its way.

That's how I feel now about our political system.  It is so obviously corrupt and non-democratic.  The faux elections are so obviously rigged.  Oh anybody in there..  Is it fear? Are people just really scared to not vote?  They will spout off reasons like, well if I don't vote for brand B then brand A will win.  Well, since 99 per cent of the people are so obviously getting the raw end of the deal, what possibly motivates them to vote?  Do they not understand that when the polls have tumblweeds blowing through the election spaces because their presence is elsewhere, what could they possibly report except that no one showed up.  Oh...thats right maybe the one per cent will vote...

To me, it is so obvious.  And here I am, prattling on to the choir.  My questions so obviously rhetorical for Fubar.  HA!

Now, this is no joke and it's real

Two corporate laywers, probably the best in the field are exchanging ideas on facebook. These two are highly politicised and they think of themselves as belonging to the progressive left. They put one Repug candidate down, then the next. Then they used a Rachel Maddow scetch to show how stupid Repugs are yada yada yada what this country needs is needs is needs is just short of a what was it called - nope, not evolution. That's been proven okay. And how religion has NO place in politics yada yada yada. Then the more conservative one, he's jewish btw says the problem is sitting in the white house. Sooooo, seeing as these are highschool friends of mine, I drop in and say it's all a grande charade. The white house is a puppet theater. There is no country. Corporations rule the world and the puppet Gubmits. Evil of me, I know. Here they are all whipped up to a foam about this sElection process and lil ole me, an electrician of sorts who never went to college steps up to the bat and says - the game is rigged and ya'all are fools for playing along. Their reactions? One clicked the "like" button on my statement. The other didn't. Both continued their discussion right there where they had been interrupted. Repugs are inhuman. The world's a better place with a Dem in the white house but this clown has got to go, get out the vote yada yada yada. 

I give up. Fucking zombies. They deserve this shit!


Mojo, above the comment field, there's a blue word "Smileys". Click on that.

Most lawyers are zombies.

They have to be to get through law school. What they're doing is socially acceptable chit-chat. It can vary a bit depending on what was on TV, but it follows a typical pattern of repeating propaganda instead of thinking.

You're absolutely right about them deserving whatever they get. People who vote are consenting to be screwed over, so they don't deserve any sympathy.

I'm trying out a new site called Pinterest. It is a bit like Facebook, I think, mostly visual, but allows for comments. You go to their site, ask for an invitation, and in a few days they send you one. Then you put a "Pin It" button on your browser and whenever you want to pin something, you just click the button and add a comment. So far it doesn't seem very useful, but I'll give it a few weeks. They suggested some people for me to follow but I deleted all of them. Then I did a search for "anarchist" and found a couple of people to follow. I started two pin boards, "Wazzup Anarchist" and "Books Worth Reading," but I haven't gotten around to pinning books yet--only two so far. Most of the stuff I pinned is stuff I've posted here on Fubar. Pinterest expects people to have a wide range or interests and many friends. I'm not interested in stuff that isn't radical and I don't want to be bothered with people who aren't radical. Twitter is still the most useful social network I've found, but I'll give this one a chance before deleting my account.



Hey Folkie

I am starting to see more and more videos like the ones you is another one in the same genre... long until enough people wake up.  HELLO??

Thanks for your posting. The content in these videos are too credible to be ignored.


Thinking about these videos more...

In the second video towards the end when the realization dawns on the woman who expresses her genuine sadness and fear...I can remember this is exactly how I felt when the Florida results came in and amazingly Bush had won.  From this moment on, I knew our voting system was rigged...not just unfair and scandalous with all the gerrymandering nonsense and the electoral college BS not even to mention the intervention of SCOTUS...but actually rigged.  Rigged. Fake.  Fake Democracy.  

And here we go again...the big illusion again in 2012.

And when George Carlin exposes this corruption in his comedy, people laugh because even as he speaks the truth, it is too surreal what he is saying.  Why, its not comedy at all.  He's telling it like it is.  It's denial, it's the unfathomable.  If more people wake up...maybe instead of laughter we would hear an entire audience roar with anger.. I don't know.  I don't know how to wake up, how many Americans now...300 million people?.  How do we wake up 300 million people?


I think that's Vickie Karp

I was on her radio show once. We all went through being called conspiracy theorists and being banned from websites for mentioning that the elections were rigged. The Democrats were afraid that if people knew the truth, they wouldn't vote. Well, now most people know the truth, but a lot of them vote anyway. How to wake them up? I'm not even sure that dumping a bucket of ice water on each one's head would wake them up. This isn't just ignorance any more, it is deliberate ignorance--they simply don't want to know. And by the way, I've known several of the people in that video from election integrity forums and mailing lists over the years, and some of them, including Bev Harris, still vote.

Somebody on Twitter was joking about a zombie revolution and I said that we've already had one. Many US voters are dead and only rise from their graves to vote at election time. (The rest are apparently brain dead.)


Zombie Revolution? Already here!

I see the zombies each day as they board the trains to go to their desks where good slaves behave and obey. Zombies - are - real.

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