A response to Annie Leonard's Story of Broke - by Mark E. Smith

Annie Leonard has a new video out -- here's the link:



And here's the response I posted on her website's blog, as she understands the problem but doesn't yet seem to have a grasp on the solution:



Poor dear Annie Leonard. Didn't she hear when the Supreme Court found that Constitutionally, our votes don't even have to be counted? Has nobody told her that more than 92% of US votes are counted by computers called central tabulators which are easily hacked by insiders and are totally unverifiable?

Where was Annie when the Bush and Obama administrations announced that they do not allow public opinion to influence legislation? Of course they don't--they have to please their big donors or they'd lose their funding and wouldn't be able to compete with their colleagues across the aisle for funding from the same big donors. It's not as if this is a democracy or a republic--the Constitution established a plutocracy so that those who owned the country would always rule it.

Annie Leonard is a very smart and sensible woman. But if voting worked, we'd have voted the bums out long ago. And if we could hold our elected officials accountable, most of them wouldn't be there because Congress has only a 9% approval rating.

We need to take back our country and that means we have to stop giving it away. We need to take back our power and stop delegating it to people who don't care about us. We need to stop voting and tell the corporations that spend billions of dollars funding elections that we won't vote until we know that every single vote will be counted and will be verifiable, the way that it is done in Germany, Canada, and many other countries. We need to stop voting to let people do whatever they wish with our money and insist that we won't vote until we have a real voice in how our money is spent, not just an uncounted, unverifiable vote for people who won't listen to us or allow us to influence their decisions.

I hope Annie's next project will be called, "The Story of Democracy," and will explain the difference between an uncounted vote for people who don't care about us, and a real voice in government where we can decide how our money is spent. That's called direct democracy and until we have it all we do when we vote is grant our consent of the governed to allow crooks and liars to throw our money away. Now that's foolish, and I know that somebody as sensible as Annie Leonard would never want us to keep doing that.

Thanks, Annie! Looking forward to your next project!

Mark E. Smith, San Diego #OccupySD


The problem with Democracy

....demo knows not what it really is because demo does not even know who demo is.

We can agree that democracy never reached the shores of turtle island. The idea of democracy did, but that was all she wrote. One of the biggest lies we were taught in school is the one about democracy. Let's face at least one fact. Real democracy is the last thing the PTB want to see. Even the thickest Marxists I know fear real democracy.

And freedom is a state of mind.


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