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I was watching the Take Back Wall Street protest online (link below) when somebody in their chat room posted a link to a petition to the White House to recognize the Wall Street protesters. So I clicked the link to sign it and found that the White House has set up a petition site and anyone can create a petition. I created an account, logged in, signed the Wall Street recognition petition, signed several others, including ending corporate personhood, ending the Patriot Act, legalizing pot, and similar stuff, and then was having so much fun that I started a petition of my own:


Allow public opinion to influence policy decisions.


Both the Obama and Bush administrations stated clearly that they wouldn't allow public opinion to influence policy decisions. In a democratic form of government 

citizens would have a real voice in government policies, and public opinion would matter to those in power.


The website says that if a petition gets 5,000 signatures within 30 days, the White House will respond, probably by saying they have passed it along to the appropriate agency for review. This is really hilarious. The White House seems to think that they're doing a good thing by allowing people to petition government. But the tyrant King George against whom the founders of the United States fought a revolution, allowed his subjects to petition him and the colonists did so frequently, never, of course, receiving any satisfaction as is enumerated in the Declaration of Independence. The right to petition government when the people have no power over government, is worthless.

But if you're in the US and don't mind letting the government know you're a radical, please sign it anyway, just for giggles. And if you aren't already there and haven't already been arrested, you can watch the Take Back Wall Street protest live and even donate money for needed supplies and/or bail at: It only has about 7,200 viewers, so please spread the word.



3 sigs plus mine is 4. Need 146 more to be visible.

Thanks for signing, turtle!

A petition has to have 150 signatures to be publicly searchable on their website. That would be enough as far as I'm concerned because then people would see it. Since the White House isn't going to respond anyway, there's no need to get the 5,000 signatures needed for a response. 


The medical team at the Wall Street protest in New York made an appeal for supplies, which can be sent by UPS to: We Occupy Wall Street, 118A Fulton St., 118A Fulton St., Box 205, NY NY 10038. They asked for CPR masks, bandannas, finger and leg splints, 1-gallon ziplock bags, swim goggles good to 10 meters depths (I think they're good against mace or tear gas or something), Ace bandages, ice packs, cold packs, and other stuff I've forgotten. Although it can't be mailed, they asked people to walk in tobacco and rolling papers--the entire medical team smokes. That tells us something. I've been smoking for 54 years. They have a much greater chance of being killed by the cops than of being killed by cigarettes. Charly's is the only pizza place near them that is open 24 hours for people who want to send pizza to the protest. Somebody posted that PayPal donations don't work, but I haven't tried it so I don't know. Nice klds. They're not sure what they're doing, but they're trying to do something. That's the most than can be expected of protests. In order to have a revolution, you have to know what you're doing. That didn't happen in Egypt and isn't likely to happen here. But protests do help raise consciousness, which is a prerequisite to revolution. People won't change the system if they don't understand that the system is the problem. Unfortunately protests aren't aimed at the system, but at particular aspects of the system or at specific people in the system. So the best outcome possible from protests is temporary reform, not revolution. 


Too funny--forgot to post the petition link.

It's here:


And then when I remembered to post the link, I forgot to make it clickable. No wonder there are only 7 signatures so far.

But of course there are many who don't want to admit that petitioning a tyrant is a waste of time.  


And right now there are many who can't admit that protesting is also a waste of time if a government doesn't allow public opinion to influence policy decisions.


Those protesting and petitioning are granting legitimacy to a tyranny that will suppress them violently but will not listen to them. They're pretending that it is, or could be persuaded to stop being a tyranny through petitions and peaceful protests. 


Even after each individual has their head bashed in by government goons, many will still continue to believe that the US government is legitimate because people vote for it. It is the voting, the legitimization, the authorization, the granting of consent that must stop. That is the first step in noncompliance.


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