The Egyptian "Revolutionaries" Never Understood or Joined the Global Struggle


Realizing, to my , that many prominent Egyptian "revolutionaries" are supporting the NATO-led counterrevolution in Libya, I decided to use TwitLonger to post the following very long Tweet, addressed to both Egyptians and to true revolutionaries:


The Gaddafi led Libyan revolution succeeded beyond most revolutionaries' wildest dreams. Gaddafi threw out the oligarchs, plutocrats, colonialists, and imperialists. He nationalized Libya's oil and used the money to give Libyans free housing, health care, education, and a guaranteed minimum income. He increased the average Libyan lifespan and gave Libya the highest standard of living in Africa. Libya had no foreign debts. 

Desperate for oil to fuel its wars of aggression in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen, the United States paid Libyans to be trained by the CIA to form an armed opposition. Other than ousting Gaddafi so that the US, Europe, and other countries could grab Libya's oil, this opposition had no demands because there was nothing they lacked. Seizing the opportunity of widespread protests in Egypt, Bahrain, and other countries, the CIA-trained counterrevolutionaries invited NATO in because they didn't have enough popular support to oust Gaddafi themselves. The CIA helped them spread media lies and many people believed them. The UN authorized a no-fly zone and humanitarian aid, but did not authorize bombing civilians or bringing in foreign military forces, which is what NATO did. 

In order to recolonize Africa, and secure Israeli dominance, the US military command in Africa, known as AFRICOM, needed a friendly country to operate from and no African country had allowed them in. Now the CIA-led Libyan traitors, who are asking Israel for help in ousting Gaddafi, hope that once NATO is established in Libya, they will be rewarded for helping the US and Israel crush Egypt, recolonize Africa, and establish US hegemony. The only hope that Africa has is if NATO goes broke or loses the war in Libya. Libyans who support Gaddafi are the only true revolutionaries in Africa and the Middle East, and they are defending their revolution against the most evil counterrevolutionary forces in the world. 

How could anyone possibly imagine that the US, which is deeply in debt, has the greatest income disparities in the world, has millions of unemployed living in the streets and dying for lack of basic health care, would help anyone? The US can't even help itself. It is a war criminal nation that has no other industry than spreading death and destruction. But the US war machine relies on oil, uranium, coltan, copper, and other minerals, most of which come from Africa. To subjugate the world, the Zionists of the US and Israel need to subjugate Africa first. The Libyan traitors gave them their opportunity and unless they are defeated they will not stop while a single Muslim or person of color remains alive and unenslaved. 

Egyptians who mistook Mubarak for the problem, didn't understand that it was the US/Israeli financed system that was oppressing them, without which neither Mubarak nor SCAF could have survived. They are trusting that the US/Israeli financed regime in Egypt will allow honest elections and a new Constitution, instead of simply crushing Egypt, once Libya is secured, so as to expand Israel. How could Egyptians have believed the lies that Gaddafi fired on peaceful protesters when there were only armed and violent traitors trying to oust him on behalf of the US and Israel? How could Egyptians have believed the lies that Gaddafi's troops raped women, when women enjoy more equality in Libya than anywhere else in Africa and the Middle East? Why did Egyptians who should have known better trust Mona Eltahawy and Hillary Clinton, when they know that Mona supports Israel and Hillary supports the US? 

Egyptians took down the Israeli flag, but failed to realize that the flag of the old colonial pre-revolutionary Libyan monarchy, is the same flag. It is probably too late to save Egypt now, but because they sided with the US-sponsored counterrevolution in Libya, a counterrevolution that has already killed thousands of Libyans, Egyptians should no longer call themselves revolutionaries or be counted on the side of those of us who oppose fascism, imperialism, Zionism, capitalism, neoliberalism and genocide.

To mix up some metaphors, a wolf may don sheep's clothing, but if instead of struggling to keep the wolf away from your door, you are foolish enough to mistake the wolf for a sheep and invite it into your home, don't think that you can simply ask it to go away later if it misbehaves. But I am foolishly trying to explain to sheep the ways of wolves, and sheep being sheep, they cannot understand. The difference between a flock of sheep and a pack of wolves is that wolves can strategize and cooperate to achieve their goal, while sheep can be easily herded by one small trained dog. 

Quoting Edward Rutherfurd in "Russka"

and I do quote....

page 390

"Ah," said Andrei appreciatively. "I'll drink to that."

And so, though they did not know it, the two men, with

their poor smattering of education, drank cheerfully to the

greatest weakness of the Muscovite state.

For, like almost everywhere, even among the elite in Moscow,

these young men were entirely unaware of the centuries of

culture that these uncomfortable Western neighbors repre-

sented. Of the great philosophical debates of the Middle Ages

they were totally ignorant. Of the Renaissance they knew

almost nothing. For the slow growth of a complex political

and economic society in Western Europe, they cared not at

all. That Russia was, now, many centuries behind the West in

its development they had not the slightest idea.

Sounds a tad bit familiar. I wonder if Mona is willing to enter into a debate with us.

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