Venezuela Saving Endangered Turtles


The Venezuelan's are saving the Turtles.  I must be partially a Venezuelan Turtle.  :)   !!!

That explains it.

You combine in one entity, two of my favorite things! 

Ta Da!

And Voila!


Here's a very nice interview with Will Potter.

It doesn't have anything about Venezuela or turtles, but Will explains how the corporations turned animal rights and environmental activists into eco-terrorists.

Will has been on a speaking tour for his book and what I've found is that the more often one tries to explain something the better one gets at it. He's getting pretty darned good.

Thanks for watching this story and bringing it home here

Sigh... makes me happy to see you are still watching our 4 legger's world with all the human misery that ravages us daily... thank you again.


Our turtles here are dying from heat I guess... birds as well... we find them in twos and threes here with no visable marks showing feral cat attacks. strange times with the weather. 107 110 and no rain.

Poor turtles.

I guess they have no access to water? That's sad.

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