State Department warns Americans: Israel might kill you

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Following weeks of conspicuous silence, the Obama administration is taking decisive action in response to the Israeli Defense Forces’ killing of Furkan Dorgan, an unarmed U.S. citizen aboard one of the ships in the “Free Gaza” flotilla who was shot four times in the head by IDF commandos: it’s telling Americans to stay the hell out of harm’s way – that is, out of the range of the Israel’s U.S. taxpayer-subsidized weaponry.

In a travel warning issued Sunday, the State Department “strongly urges that U.S. citizens” – including all those pesky “journalists and aid workers” who might be tempted to report on the Palestinians’ plight – “refrain from all travel to the Gaza Strip”:

The security environment within Gaza and along its borders, including its border with Egypt and its seacoast, is dangerous and volatile. U.S. citizens are advised against traveling to Gaza by any means, including via sea. Previous attempts to enter Gaza by sea have been stopped by Israeli naval vessels and resulted in the injury, death, arrest, and deportation of U.S. citizens.

In light of the warning, it’s worth remembering what Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared soon after news broke that an American was among the nine activists bringing aid to Gaza who were massacred by the IDF:

Protecting the welfare of American citizens is a fundamental responsibility of our government and one that we take very seriously. We are in constant contact with the Israeli Government, attempting to obtain more information about our citizens. We have made no decisions at this point on any additional specific actions that our government should take with respect to our own citizens.

Now we know what additional specific action the secretary of state had in mind, and it’s essentially the same one the brave knights of Monty Python’s “Holy Grail” came up with when confronted with a superficially friendly little bunny rabbit with a penchant for murder: Run Away!

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Reality bites

If a whole "shit load' of Americans loaded up and headed for Gaza... something deadly could very well happen to them. There have been past warnings to Americans published in News and history records what the outcome was. You see... False flag operations are real and a matter of historic record. A deadly event would be convenient for those pushing for a war and Iran would be blamed for whatever came about.

Spread out!

If each of us took a separate approach route, we would be safer. Of course FF Ops are real. You betcha. Another major one is likely in the making. My tip is Phoenix but I can't say why, when, how or what. It's just a hunch.

Perhaps so

I'm looking at Texas... but only because the rednecks are making a huge deal out of Mexican military aircraft crossing the border... seems almost cartoonish, like a good Samaritan put a carrot out for Bugs Bunny, waiting for Elmer to open fire. Maybe the good Samaritan will shoot the rabbit for Elmer... who knows ;) I just know that Elmer would be in a lot of trouble for sure aye?


I wouldn't be surprised if Obama finds a way to blame Iran for the Gulf oil spill too. They're the new scapegoat and the next target. But they seem to have some allies this time, so it might not be as easy as it was when we overthrew their government and installed the Shah. And some of those potential allies are nuclear powers within missile range of Israel. The U.S. and Israel have been bullies in the schoolyard for so long that they don't seem to realize that they've alienated most of the world and that they haven't won a war in a long time, unless it was against a very small, totally unarmed civilian populace, which Iran is not.

My first reaction to ...

“refrain from all travel to the Gaza Strip” is to imagine how safe it is to fly to Phoenix Arizona these days. Especially if your name is Garcia! But seriously folks, what if a shitload of us just upped and went? Would the IDF kill all of us? If they did, would it make a wave? Something tells me the warning is nothing more than hot air. Israeil says "keep away from our prison!" They call their(!) State Dpt. in D.C. and tell them "keep your people out or we cannot ensure their safety", so the State Dpt. in D.C. issues the warning. The reaction D.C. would normally deliver would look a lot like the way the USA invaded Iraq. Only diff being, Iraq didn't own the USA. Okay, I may be stretching it a bit there but you get the picture.

They'd definitely kill all of us.

Including those of us who are Jewish and who want peace.

This is the website of the woman who lost an eye to an Israeli gas canister:

Being American, Israeli, both (dual citizenship) and Jewish, doesn't matter--if you want peace, you're the enemy.

That holds for both the U.S. and Israel. When you're one of the world's leading arms dealers, peace is bad for business, and both the U.S. and Israeli governments are in business to protect U.S. and Israeli business interests.

I've heard that in Russian slang, the word businessman means a Mafia thug.

Business in Russia...

is Mafia. It is here too.

My hope and prayers is that the good people of Israel will reach a tipping point where the current (military) Regime will be brought to its knees and ousted. And yes, I am a dreamer. A good one at that!

I dream of that for the U.S.

Been dreaming ever since the military-industrial complex took over in the bloody coup of 1963. Not that it was much better before that, as far as war goes, but there hasn't even been a pretense of democracy since then. Only the most gullible are fooled.

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