The US Military is Not Under Civilian Rule - by Mark E. Smith

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This is a State Department spokesperson saying that the decision about whether or not to allow the United Nations, the International Red Cross, Congressman Kucinich, or any other individual or group to visit Bradley Manning is ENTIRELY up to the Pentagon and not subject to debate by the President, Congress, or any other entity.

In other words, the military junta that rules the United States and controls much of the world on behalf of private corporations, is not subject to civilian rule or to Congressional, Presidential, or State Department oversight. The military is entirely independent of our government, it makes its own decisions, and it tells the President, Congress, and the State Department what those decisions are--nobody can tell the military junta what to do.

In a democracy, if the United Nations, a Human Rights organization, or a Congressman wanted to visit an inmate, they would be allowed to do so. The United States is not a democracy. It is ruled by a military junta. The so-called "Commander-in-Chief" is just a puppet spokesperson for the military junta, just as he is for his big corporate donors. When asked about Bradley Manning, Obama said that he had "asked" the military and they told him that everything was okay. Notice that he didn't TELL the military what to do, he ASKED them if what they were doing was proper, and of course they said it was, so he had no choice but to accept that.

The last time a US President tried to stand up to what his predecessor, General Dwight D. Eisenhower called the "military-industrial" complex, was in 1963, and it cost President Kennedy his life. The military junta took over the country in a bloody coup, in broad daylight, and has made no pretense of being under civilian rule since then.

That's why under both Republican and Democratic administrations we wage wars of aggression based on lies, that's why we torture, and that's why the Pentagon's budget is the largest in the world.

According to US law, the military junta enjoys sovereign immunity and cannot be brought to justice even for crimes against humanity. The junta can decide to scapegoat some of its lower level personnel for carrying out illegal orders issued by their superiors, but the superiors who give the orders aren't likely to be prosecuted by the junta and enjoy immunity in civilian courts by federal law.

International law might apply, but unfortunately our military has such great power over foreign nations that the only war criminals who seem to get prosecuted by the ICC or World Court are usually Africans and always those the US does not support.



The Military-Financial Complex

This has been the guiding principle for F.William Engdahl's writing in recent years- that it is the two-fold financial/military might of the U.S. that has the world by the balls. His latest book, The Gods of Money, states this explicitly: "Since 1945 American hegemony, or more accurately an American imperialism, has rested on two firm pillars of support. The first pillar has been the role of the dollar as the unchallenged world reserve currency in which New York's Wall Street is the center of global finance, the "banker to the world". The second and complimentary pillar has been the role of the Pentagon and the unchallenged dominance of American military power." (Intro., pg. 5)

Engdahl's research describes the historical development and the current structural threats to both of these "pillars" of power. Needless to say, it's probably close to the truth to say that no government agency, least of all the military, has ever been under civilian rule. As Folkie has indicated elsewhere, the U.S. government has been a Constitutional Plutocracy from the beginning. People who think we had a democracy of some sort, then lost it, are not reading history. Contemporary rhetoric about "reclaiming our democracy" is not historiclly well-founded. The Money Power is the Military Power. Or if you want to be more elaborate about it:   The Money Power is the Military Power is the Industrial Power is the Media Power is the Judicial/Executive/Legislative Power. Etcetera.

Engdahl: Close but no cigar!


Here's Engdahl in a short RT video interview:

He's got all the pieces of the puzzle, but he doesn't put them together and say not to vote. I wonder why?

No, his puzzle is puzzled


something about the big banks "literally taking over the policy of the United States of America".

a) nothing new. As Gen. Washington was still thinking about leading the army in to battle, the banks had already laid out a plan for him to take that position and to lead the Rebels to victory so they could build a new base in NYC to replace the one they were certain was headed for a fall if something did not change. London has remained the banking capitol of the world - so to speak - but NCY became the outpost stronghold. Not for one minute did the banks, the bankers or the money men relinquish any bit of power they had prior to the revolution. They financed it and milked it for what it was worth. Freedom is still only a state of mind and for some, a choice of masters.

b) what United States of America? What little did once exist has long since died. It's all gone global, long ago! Countries are fiction. The USA is no exception.

Dude has some fundamental issues to deal with in his halucinogenic picture of the reality that surrounds us all, him included.


Reminds me of

...the Honeywell "4 pillars of growth". Hard for a global player like Honeywell to fail with four pillars and a solid Haushalt.

Pillar 1) weapons and military technology

2) Aerospace

3) Building Automation & Control

4) Industrial Valves

But that was then. Today's Honeywell, after the "merger" with Allied Signal is a different squid. No telling how many arms it now has.

The 4 pillar concept was water tight. Double Digit Growth was a guarantee. Once the one pillar sank below 10%, the strongest of the remaining three reached out to cover the weakling as measures were taken to restrengthen it.

Sounds like a system within a system.


Pillars can fall.


Sometimes the best-laid plans of mice and men weren't expecting Anonymous.   cool



Excellent thread and videos

I really appreciate it when descriptions of what is what and what is what not are laid out to read, affirm, confirm and thus brings greater understanding.  I love when the "dictionary" is brought up to date dispelling the myth of what is popularly and incorrectly unnderstood.  Breaking through denial, seeing things for how they REALLY are vs the make believe world of what "they" are wanting us to believe and all mislabeling of terminology. 






For those who think US military is under civilian rule

Remember the year the Pentagon couldn't account for $2.3 TRILLION it had apparently lost, mislaid, or gambled away in Vegas? No heads rolled, nobody was punished, nobody was fired, and the defense budget was INCREASED in subsequent years. The military junta that rules the US not only isn't under civilian rule, it isn't under any rule at all. It's the ruling junta and it alone makes the rules.

10 Sept. 2001 ?

Donald Rumsfeld told the press he and his boys had secured approximately 3 trillion .... was it 10 Sept. 2001 ?


That was the exact day.



It was on September 10, 2001, that Donald Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon had lost, mislaid, or was otherwise unable to account for 2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS. That surely would have triggered an investigation the next day, except that the next day was September 11, 2001, or as it is usually called, 9/11. So everyone forgot the 2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS missing from the Pentagon budget and rushed to INCREASE the Pentagon budget so that they could defend us against "terrorists." After all, you can't penalize the Pentagon for losing track of a measly few trillion dollars when they're trying to defend the nation against terrorists. In fact you can't penalize the Pentagon for anything, ever, because there's nobody with more power than they have who could hold them accountable. Except, of course, the global multinational elites they work for--and since they're doing their job of protecting the global elites very well, they are always rewarded rather than punished.

But wait--if the global elite, the 1%, like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, need armies to protect them, they wouldn't be powerful without those armies. Of course those armies will remain loyal as long as they are paid, and since the 1% have most of the money in the world, they'll always be able to pay their armies. Unless, of course, something happened and the money became worthless. But most countries have central banks owned by the Rothschilds, so the money can't become worthless.....unless maybe there were revolutions and the new governments threw out the Rothschild banks, stopped accepting their money, and began dealing in a new currency. Wasn't that what Sadaam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi had threatened to do?

I'm reading Greg Palast's new book, Vulture's Picnic, and it has a lot of very interesting information about how the global elite got to own most of the world's resources, particularly oil. It was done mostly through fraud and theft, but when that didn't work they'd send in their armies, particularly when any country was insolent enough to try to nationalize its own oil.

In Alaska it was done through fraud and theft, the victims were indigenous peoples, and there was no need to send in the army because we'd already conquered them. Palast writes, "....We the  the Sheeple of the United  States....never even question why BP, Shell, and Exxon have our oil." 


Well, some of us are questioning. We call ourselves the 99% and we don't agree that the 1% should own everything. And when we ask that question, we get beaten, and tear-gassed, and arrested, and a lot of people are wondering why so much violence is being used against us. Eventually, I think, it will become clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are living in a brutal military dictatorship. But by that time, perhaps nonviolent resistance like taking our money out of big banks, boycotting corporations, and not voting, may have changed things and we won't be living under a military dictatorship any more. There's more blood being shed in Tahrir Square as I write, but this time they've formed a People's Parliament, so it is no longer just a protest, but a genuine revolution.


Mic check! Mic Check! This is what democracy looks like! Occupy!






And this too - brutal, they say

Bild Zeitung

Though the various Occupies may not be getting MSM coverage in the former USA, the leading scrubby tabloid in Germany is now reporting on the police brutality.

Oh how miserable I feel about being just another little Eichmann. But surely there will be an end to it all, some day soon. I'm not particularly looking forward to that day but once it does come, I'll be able to spill a shitload of beans on a few so called "key players" in the emperilist, globalist, fascist system. One way to shorten the wait would be to spill some beans here and now so I won't dare do that. No at my age and what, with the job market as it is these days. IT specialists are nothing more than pieces of paper waiting to be crumbled up and thrown away. If your job hasn't been outsourced yet it's only because your probably actively involved in the outsourcing all on your own. To hell with black belts and sigma and all them six pax. Fuck them all and the workers backs they rode in on.

Black Books is a welcome distraction.


Bear repellant

The orange-colored gas that comes in a red canister is not pepper spray but bear repellant, ten times stronger than pepper spray.

Something even stronger than bear repellant is being used in Tahrir Square right now. It comes in a colorless canister and nobody knows what it is yet, but many have succumbed to it. No word if any have died or been permanently harmed. My guess is it might be some type of nerve gas.

LA Times tunes in

read this


UC Davis officer in pepper-spraying was honored for past feats

A UC Davis police officer who reportedly pepper-sprayed student protesters Friday is a former U.S. Marine who has been honored for his campus police work.

Lt. John Pike, identified by the UC Davis student newspaper as the officer at the center of the pepper-spray incident, was credited by the university for subduing a UC Davis Medical Center patient in 2006 as she threatened a fellow officer with scissors and a spray bottle containing a caustic chemical, according to a UC Davis news release issued in June 2007.

Pike was in a hallway when he saw the patient try to assault one of two officers who were trying to prevent her from leaving the hospital against the advice of doctors and her mother, according to the release. He "went flying" to assist the officers and "landed a body block, powering his left shoulder into the patient" just as she was about to stab one of the officers, the release said.

FULL COVERAGE: Occupy protests

Pike was 5-foot-10 and weighed 245 pounds. "I hit her hard," Pike said, according to the release, which said he weighed 245 pounds. He decided against using pepper spray, a baton or a sidearm because he did not want to injure his partners, the release said. One of officers credited Pike with helping to save his life.

"You've got all these tools on your belt," Pike said, "but sometimes they're not the best tools."


The best tool for the job?


I guess Officer Pike must have felt that he and his fellow Officers were being physically threatened by students sitting on the ground, and that he had to use the best available tool to prevent the sitting students from continuing to threaten his safety by sitting there peacefully. 

I believe that the Occupy Movement is our only hope and the world's only hope, because it is obvious that everyone in government, the military, and law enforcement, is totally insane. If the case ever gets to court, I fully expect the judge to find that armed officers in riot gear felt threatened by unarmed students sitting peacefully on the ground, and that therefore Officer Pike was justified in using the bear repellant, and perhaps even commend him for not using live ammunition. A judge who found otherwise wouldn't remain a judge for very long.


got the code from the White House version

scratch that. It has been removed. And it was from the State Dpt. not from the White House.

The Secret Patriot Act -- Lack of Civilian Oversight


Most people are aware that the US military and numerous US intelligence agencies have the power to classify things in the name of national security.

What many may not understand is that once something is classified, only a handful of people on Congressional oversight committees can access it, and they may not reveal what they've learned to their colleagues, much less to their constituents.

The basis for democracy is an informed electorate. But US secrecy laws make it impossible for us to be informed. You cannot have civilian control of the military when the military has the power to keep its actions and policies secret from both the public and their elected representatives. You can't even control a two-year-old if you aren't allowed to keep track of what they're doing.

Here's a recent story about how it works:

Julian Assange reaches a similar conclusion.

Starting at about 8:30 in this video:



Of course those politicians with roots and connections within the military-industrial complex, or the military junta as it would be known in any other country, represent it because they are part of it, while those without such roots and connections, like Obama, have no choice but to represent it. Either way we're screwed.


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