Another voice from Libya - Global Research associate Mahdi Nazemroaya

Audio interview here

audio is a bit shakey but I found it interesting to hear his perspective.

The body of a drowned woman stayed at the bottom of a public pool for two days...

and this with two water inspections over the duration of the incident?

Had some kids not broken into the pool would her body have sunk again and still be at the bottom as the public swims above her?


More government BS pressing small farmers into...

nonexistance. Government owns the word "Organic".

Gmail seems to be down.

I'm going to sleep and hope that when I wake up 1) Gmail is back up again, and 2) my inbox isn't flooded.

G'nite Fubar.

Michio Kaku and los Alamos

lol... the fire chief spokesman and the physicist seem to have different scripts here... interesting video


Hey! We'll buy you a new car if you...

Allow us to sterilize you.  Yes... government wants your ability to have a child and look... a new car for your future.

Maybe a food blender?!

Bag of crap is found here!

Flotilla2 to Gaza Blocked by Greek Government

Two of the ships were sabotaged while in port, mostly likely by Israel or by the Greek government on orders from Israel.

The US Boat to Gaza left port today but was turned back by armed commandos of the Greek government, obviously on orders from the US and Israel.

Pro-Gaddafi demonstration in Libya - live stream online

The crowd is enormous and there were processions in the streets.

Gaddafi spoke for a long time and a woman just finished speaking in English. The woman said that Hillary Clinton lied. 

Hugo Chavez

I am very curious about what is happening with Hugo Chavez.   Anyone?

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