Fibonacci numbers and solar panels

Math made fun.

It wasn't until I was in college that I learned about Fibonacci numbers, Pascal's triangle and the like. 

Fibonacci number

Venezuela's Gold

Hugo Chavez has announced that he is demanding the return of Venezuela's gold from western countries like the United States. 

Strawbale garden

This is my next project.  Gonna go get straw bales on Wednesday...I's excited!


Me vs. the Tenants' Association

Some residents in my building don't like the current management and staff. They don't like the HUD regulations. And they don't like me. In fact, they don't like much of anything. Some of them are even opposed to the subsidized housing they benefit from and always vote against their own interests.

My gmail been down for at least 24 hours now

I notice on Twitter that some other large computer services were also down.

Good thing Fubar is too small to fail.  ;)

The London riots seem to be calming down, so Cameron is bringing in thousands more pigs to try to re-ignite them. Iran has urged him to use restraint and is prepared to send humanitarian observers. For real.

Maybe you have seen this....

I had not.  Makes me so mad...

Really?  When does this non-sense stop?

Shot dead by police over a 2 dollar bus fare.

Overcoming Speechlessness by Alice Walker (Book Review link)

I promised myself I wouldn't buy any books this month, since my budget is really busted, but after reading this book review I couldn't help myself. Read the review for yourself and I think you'll see why this little book is a must have:

tit fer tit

And now we have a case where someone decides to return the TSA love in a gesture of confirmation.

I hope there will be a fund set up for her defense and millions show up at her trial... but a hope and 10 dollars buys a cup of coffee at the airport!


US Military Trains for Collateral Damage in Germany


Somebody Tweeted this link:

They said that the US military had "accidentally" hit some buildings in a nearby German town.

Happiest Birthday, Turtle!

We love you!


Sewing up the holes in a "transparent" government

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