Breakfast in La-La Land

Cold coffee is okay as long as I gets a few parcels of coffee grounds to chew on as I empty my 2nd cup. Aside from that, this is what's on the table this morning...

Exponential Growth

Here is an 8 part series explaining this very important math fact.

Part 1

Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know (video)

genius, says my son....

he's right.



Folkie?   Have you seen this?  Tighe Barry says  very clearly what the next step is.  It's at about the 8:45 mark.    :)


German President will step down within hours (I predict)

Ya don't need a crystal ball to see this one coming.


Keeping with the grow Cabbage theme... :)

Following up on the Cabbage and King article on Occupy Cafe and the idea of defining the current system to build a better one...I found this today with Chris Hedges.

Matthew Herbert – One Pig

Matthew Herbert – One Pig: exclusive album stream

Featuring pig-skin drums and sampled oinks, this is one of the strangest albums you'll hear this year

Another discussion about voting

"...the heart of illumination" - lulu

If you came here looking for nothing more than good music, do yourself a favor and enjoy the EXIT signs on your way out.
Lulu is a work of art.

Hey, let's sell the house and move!

Well, not yet.


Rocky Justice

What does anybody know about the Justice Party and/or Rocky Anderson?  My first impression, without any background knowledge, just what I saw on Democracy Now on Tuesday, the 13th, is he sounds for the people.  Then just my basic search, leads me to the coverage he has received from CNN and MSNBC, ABC.  Big Media?&n

Why involve the FBI ?

Deutsche Bank Oberguru Josef Ackermann was reportedly the target of a potentially explosive device or material found in a parcel or envelope (the author doesn't have the details and doesn't trust the MSM) in Frankfurt am Main, Germany yesterday.

S&P sends poisonous message to the EU

....and a wiki editor sent a message to the world, i.e., those who were paying attention. This
 explains what sparked the edit - which only lasted an hour or so. Oh, and this had nothing to do with a computer glitch.

Read and nJoy.

Occupy San Diego Sold Out to the 1%

And it might not just be Occupy San Diego.

War is so wrong, war is so criminal

Sitting here in my living room in Germany, my TV on....I'm watching a documentary. I'm fighting back the tears. I'm furious and I want to take revenge but there is nobody to beat the shit out of. Nobody to blame. Nobody to take to court. I feel helpless and I don't know what else to do but to write this. And this is real. I'm really feeling this right now.

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