This is apparently what young people are watching/listening/dancing to these days. I guess raves and house music have come a long ways....





I'm thinking that not everything that comes out of Hollywood is Propaganda

...and I may be wrong. Anywho, nJoy



US tortures, then protects the torturers

This is from my email today:


Major Drupal Core Update

Dear mouse fans,

the latest drupal core update was installed a few minutes ago. Core updates are always critical installations where most everything is overwritten with the newest version. The file transfer went smoothly but in case you notice anything not working or out of place, please let me know straight away.

thx & CU,


So much for the good life.


I've been living large. Last year I had a buffer of over $600 in my checking account. Now it is down to about $100, so things have got to change.

Buying almost everything at the Co-Op, I've been spending $5 or $6 dollars per item that I could buy for a dollar at the 99-Cents-Only store.

Exelon Nuclear....Tritium being vented over Chicago

Anybody hear this story about the Exelon Nuclear Reactor in Illinois having a malfunction and steam being vented?    This is front page of this webpage for today 1.30.2012

A Short Story of Imperialism (animation video)




Diebold reveals winner pre-election

Hard to know if this is tongue in cheek or if it really happened.  It is certainly plausible.

And more reason NOT TO VOTE!  EXPOSE THE SHAM!!!!

12,000 troops to Libya

Folkie,  Did you see this article?  What I find stunning is how many comments there are that now acknowledge what you were saying from the very beginning.

Breakfast in La-La Land 2

We seem to be out of brown sugar. Is confectioners sugar less healthy?


Some ear-worms are welcome ones, so don't keel over now...

Another online discussion about voting.

Comment by Mark E. Smith 1 hour ago

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