The problem with brains


Abdomenal Pain - Operation Inevitable

Just got back from my GP. Here's the deal.......

A talk by S. Brian Willson that everyone needs to hear (video)

This was given in November:




Two things of interest

This announcement of an Election Boycott panel at the Left Forum in New York was sent along by Gary. It's on Facebook, but anyone can read it along with the comments, some of which are very good:

And this article from a UK blog:

A minor stroke

Yup. Suddenly found that I couldn't hold a cigarette on the right side of my mouth--my lips on that side are numb and the muscles don't work. Looked in the mirror and that side of my mouth is drooping, also I can't speak as clearly.

It probably happened when I was asleep.

Libro Traficante !!!!!

:If you have been following the destruction of Latino Studies in is a creative response from our Latino brothers and sisters.  This person also was on Democracy Now today 3/9/12, last segment.

Back to Occupy Cafe

I'd been avoiding it because I suspect them of being just another tool of the Democratic Party to co-opt the Occupy movement.

Fubar has more smileys!


rossi was kind enough to give us some more smileys.

More reason to buy organic foods.

It not only keeps the foods from sprouting in the store, it means they can't be planted. Looks like Monsanto strikes again.


Serge and Beate Klarsfeld

Germany, 27 February 2012

The name Beate Klarsfeld rings a bell for few. Very few, too few. This is why.

(what directly follows is from wikipedia)

Occupy San Diego Censorship

The Occupy San Diego daily email blast sent out by Ray Lutz and his team featured some comments about reconciliation, referencing South Africa, as OSD has splintered into two factions.

Mental health musings.


Breakfast in La-La Land 4

The Fable of Lanova Messiah - by Mark E. Smith

Lanova Messiah is a hero of the peace movement here in Exxonia. Lanova's mother was tortured and killed by the corrupt dictator who is currently our country's President.

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