Is "my tree" still standing?

Some dreams leave a lasting impression on me. Some hit me like a hammer. Some dreams are funny, some sad. Few dreams wake my interest the way this one did.

If I resided on the gulf coast

I would seriously consider gas masks and ozone generators as a way of life ... starting NOW! But I am in NO WAY an expert on health safety... or anything else for that matter...

FUBAR Summer Fundraiser Begins! (Satire)

Okay, it's officially summer in LaLaLand. We need Ten Million Dollars .....N O W ! If you don't send us money, we will shut this site down for a day or two and we don't care how you get over your Jones.

Never Again For Anyone - flyby


Barry's Goods

snake oil

Just a beautiful song from a beautiful artist


Something Happening Here

never again war

The True Meaning of "FUBAR"

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I thought I knew it all, including the origin of the term "FUBAR". Okay, it's an acronym. As usual and as can be expected, whenever you think you know it all, some wise guy comes along and shows you you're wrong.
I stand corrected. Fubar is Snafu's Brutha. Anyone catch the third Brutha's name?

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