Chumbawamba - Bella Ciao (Music video)

It was Rossi who turned me on to Chumbawamba, a band that had a long life and will soon no longer be with us, as Rossi is no longer with us, but both are, in their own ways, eternal. Goodbye, beautiful! Bella ciao!



Do Not Resuscitate

I got the book from the library, made out a legal California Living Will that says Do NOT Resuscitate, and then worried about how the paramedics would know that I have a living will and do not wish to be resuscitated.

Rossi Is Still With Us In Spirit


Rossi passed away at 4:09 a.m.

He was the technical end, and the force and driving spirit of Fubar. He will always be loved and remembered.



humanERROR by Frying Dutchman




Northern Lights

I have Rossi to thank for this.  A while back, in a video about solar flares, played some interesting music.  When I mentioned I liked the music, Rossi came back with the name of the artist.  Per Byhring.  From Oslo, Norway.  I am really enjoying his music.  And at his website,I found this video with

Sheriff Babeu was running for Congress!

But he gave up today.


Just dropping in to stir up some mischief.

Israel's Mistreatment of Holocaust Survivors

There was the Israeli Holocaust survivor who got death threats for renting to Arabs because he remembered when Nazis wouldn't rent to Jews. There were the attacks on humanitarian aid flotillas to Gaza which carried a Holocaust survivor among the passengers. And now I've just seen this BBC video from 2003 about Mordecai Vanunu and the Israeli nuclear weapons industry.

A History of the Suppression of Alternative Cancer Cures by the Pharmaceutical Industry

Most of this isn't relevant to what's going on today, but it is important to remember history so that we don't repeat it.




it lives!

details at nine, or tomorrow.


Excuse me while I puke

The conquest of tabs


I'm reading an e-book!

I was reading Dennis Loo's website and thought I'd like to buy his book. But when I checked it on amazon it was more than my budget would allow this month.



The Twitter widget hasn't been showing Tweets. I tried to fix it, but nothing happened. However if you click on "join the conversation" at the bottom of the widget, my Tweets appear on a new page.

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