Editing problems.

Well, we have some software problems now. Usually when we post a link, it automatically turns into a hyperlink so people can click on it, but when I did it just now, it only posted as text that you couldn't click on.

Nothing like jazz to end an election

And Cab Callaway was king of it... IMO

Sigh... a time I wish I could go back to... if wishes were pennies aye?



I read somewhere that they promise to stop harvesting organs from prisoners. America would never promise that!

I wonder if Americans will stop shopping at Walmart now? After all, we have for years supported China by purchasing their exports... so isn't that a vote for slave labor and murder for organs?

I Cannot tell if my tongue is in my cheek... or not!

Twitter Widget and Left Sidebar

Sure do miss rossi.

The Twitter Widget wasn't working for me, so I tried a bunch of stuff and couldn't fix it.

Finally I deleted it and got a new one.

Unfortunately this one isn't as nice as the one rossi had, and it is bigger. Also it is above the "New Topics" instead of below it.


Code word for Desperately hungry citizen? Why has this word shown up in so many Military Preparedness stories/ Fema site?  CDC site? in the past few years

Searching a while will clue us in to a world wide military mind and Zombie is the code word for enemy.... well Maybe, anyway.   Bug splat is code word for unintended kill but not a mistake.

Whatever happen to Mike?

I hope he didn't abandon us.  I noticed him on a few times but didn't see any new posts.. I hope I have not discouraged his input.


I am just a base and simple mind that often comments in fun without thought of others not understanding me. sigh... really hope Mike comes back and shares his insight.

Defense against psychopaths .. an interesting base education journey.

Linked here on YouTube

I found it interesting and maybe others will as well... maybe you will recognize your favorite government official in this short video.

Russel Means has walked beyond

NO more will there be a hiding place within the flesh... go on now, Russell

Desrving of the "Cyber wolverine in your undergarment" Award

Here we have a man who can speak a bag full of emptiness and do it with serious determination...  we all know him as president.


I cannot embed this walk through the doggy park so I must simply link it  so that you too might enjoy this wonderful stroll.


Error message when posting

I posted an article a little while ago and got an error message. I clicked OK and got a second error message. I clicked OK on that and the article finally posted.

A few minutes later I posted another article and this time I didn't get any error messages.


Hi! I'm Mike! And I'm a Goddamn Internet Cat Lover!

As the title says, I'm Mike, and I love to post pictures of my cat!

OK, that's a lie.


No more broadband for me--I'm back on dial-up

I didn't realize that there would be hardly any difference. The broadband service here is so slow that dial-up is about the same.

Fubar pages do take a few seconds longer to load, but that's not a problem. My email and Twitter don't seem to be any slower.

Sweet little old lady baby-killers.

I am heartsick.

I live in a senior building. Yesterday I was downstairs in the lobby talking to some of my nicest neighbors. Unfortunately, it turns out that they're Democrats.

When Bush was drone-bombing innocent children, they were angry.

A mass murderer just leaves me with questions

  James?  does your father know who you hang out with these days? Robert? is testimony and fraud at the bottom of your nightmare? Or maybe DARPA lurks in the ooze of green and red swirls. PHD Means Heavy and many have made them an anchor. 

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