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Israel seizes Iranian Arms???

Story here!



This is a story for MYMARK to sort... propaganda abounds and I have no sources to sort this through.

I just have no trust in anything Israel spews as news!

I think sometimes of Martial law...

and how events like this recent nuclear one would be ideal for the declaration and demand for everyone to come to a "decontamination station". A collection and catogorization event. I am insecure in my being... I just want to be free from all this and I want everyone else to be equally free.

I really like this wave of today... it reminds me of....

Yesterday! Now... If I could get him out of his BMW sponsored world  and into Humanity where those individual ideas are not stolen for corporate use but utilized fully to benifit the many!

Roll call! is everyone ok?

The site is lonely... how is everyone doing out there?


LOL... I spelled roll...Row... guess I'm ok... I mean... it's par, aye?

John McCain? I just want to see a scanned image of his brain...

It has got to resemble a plate of scambled eggs!

He is against war in lybia yet he wants a no fly zone among other THINGS.

Up is down and wrong is right... more to ponder


Story here

An interesting electrical energy remedy...

Wowzers... by cutting off your electricity in the freezing cold they can force you to want to work in a warm factory for pennies a day.  It can work... let's do it and get free labor!  ( Is this practiced already in parts of our earth with poorest populations?)

Story is here

Words mean nothing...

That's the modern way of reading life in todays military behavior... THIS IS OPPOSIT AGE... everything is upside down and sideways.


A public apology for innocent lives wasted... a few meaningless words.

US fueling the war in Mexico? why, yes we are and shut up...

we are the Gods of the world and we will do as we wish!


The story is here... if you can stomach another one detailing the sickness that is grasping our government

News you don't see and News that should stay on our front pages of the MSM

This is a 7 part report that, in my opinion should remain in the forfront ... ever grinding our hearts to realize that war is for profit... no matter who the players are!  Please just follow the links to the following parts.

Ask yourself why the USA changed the name of it's war machine from the DEPARTMENT OF WAR to THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE?

Submitted as historic marker... relevent as reference

A Nuclear War could save the planet from global warming? Bullshit!

Story here

I thought I had heard all until I read this article that I can see being used in the future to justify nucear arms use... God if we buy this one, we need to die in a fallout... all of us!

The economy of Hell


Terrorism, their greatest weapon is a word

I wanted to share this video but I am not certain of the advertisement of the speakers works being within the piece. Please edit as needed, Mark.   Sarah


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