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The Poison Tree - Rockefeller roots

American Medicine and you, or how can I commit suicide without nullifying my life insurance policy  Interesting opener video

LAX would describe...

a people who Elect a person known to be the "Lesser of two evils". LAX is the spot on a new map that pinpoints the latest  CIA-n-CIA shooting... pardon me, had to point that out. Ciancia is this "shooters" last name.. sigh... here we go again.

Nuclear defense has a new head... lol... man o man o man...

man o man... dang,  what can I see in this?

First guess, the one that makes you feel proud of a new morality, is wrong.

The Blue Jay, Mockingbird and Crow.. or... "Don't Tread On Me"

I once sat on a stump and watched a mockingbird harass a rattlesnake. He would swoop down and scream at the snake, and once I could have sworn he dropped something over the snake. This went on until the bird had his enemy where he wanted him... headed away from his area.  Manipulation of a very bitter enemy, the rattlesnake.

Another thought ...

Industrialized Education = Let's make the citizens of the USA as ignorant and isolated as we possibly can! This is why we are not taught mandatory 2nd and 3rd languages. And maybe it's done so the Government can do as they please to third world countries. Just a thought!

Facing expulsion and a sex offenders list...

This poor teen streaker decides to hang himself.  May I ask a question... was it worth his life to threaten him with such punishment over a prank?  I see where Government "Officials" have open sex and talk about their exploits behind fake tears and this kid gets a threat to be listed as a sex offender and expelled from school? 


Faked ceremonies and no shame...

The story is here and is a sad one yet the comments on this expensive fakery seem to say oh that's ok.. at least they were honored.  Someone please slap those commenting on this story in the head...

I have recieved from a very sensitive source...

inside my own reality that Obama plans to retire to his private ranch after this present roundup is over. I suspect he plans also to raise sheep and a few goats, I also suspect he anticipates missing Congress

Que sound effects here... baaaa mmmaaaaaa baaaa

 sigh  :)


So many False Flags... so many colorful crimes

Crimes committed under color of law. No one in the mainstream educates our youth.... and our youth have become the enemy of truth... both willingly and unwillingly. Bombs here and bombs there... lessons learned by the alphabet agencies have caused shoot outs and deaths. They passed those laws, you see, to kill us... can't have trials. Truth must remain buried.

Nothing like jazz to end an election

And Cab Callaway was king of it... IMO

Sigh... a time I wish I could go back to... if wishes were pennies aye?



I read somewhere that they promise to stop harvesting organs from prisoners. America would never promise that!

I wonder if Americans will stop shopping at Walmart now? After all, we have for years supported China by purchasing their exports... so isn't that a vote for slave labor and murder for organs?

I Cannot tell if my tongue is in my cheek... or not!


Code word for Desperately hungry citizen? Why has this word shown up in so many Military Preparedness stories/ Fema site?  CDC site? in the past few years

Searching a while will clue us in to a world wide military mind and Zombie is the code word for enemy.... well Maybe, anyway.   Bug splat is code word for unintended kill but not a mistake.

Whatever happen to Mike?

I hope he didn't abandon us.  I noticed him on a few times but didn't see any new posts.. I hope I have not discouraged his input.


I am just a base and simple mind that often comments in fun without thought of others not understanding me. sigh... really hope Mike comes back and shares his insight.

Defense against psychopaths .. an interesting base education journey.

Linked here on YouTube

I found it interesting and maybe others will as well... maybe you will recognize your favorite government official in this short video.

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