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My mysterious pot scrubber.

I used to play bingo at the senior center. One day after I won a bingo game and went up to the table to see what prizes were available, I saw, amongst the usual soap, toothbrushes, and notepads, a round, purple, fuzzy thing about the size and shape of an English muffin. Picking it up, it felt very rough to the touch and was made of some synthetic material. It also had a zipper.

Worrying about rossi as harsh weather disrupts Europe.

Here's an article from PressTV today:

Blocked by spam filter ROFL

I tried to post a comment on BuzzFlash and it was blocked by their spam filter:

Warning! The Entire World Is Going Insane! (video)

Well, they have to pay off those student loans somehow.....


Clowns Kick KKK Asses (from 2007, but beautifully done)


Qualitative Easing Explained

Naomi Klein tweeted a link to this short animated video. Said it made her cry, laugh, and cry. It's very well done.

Translating Eva Golinger's Tweet

If you want to see what I've considered of interest in the news, the best way is to glance at the little twitter widget on the bottom left of Fubar's front page.

Here's a tweet in Spanish from Eva Golinger:

Ya llegamos de una exitosa gira de 7 paises, 3 continentes, 69 acuerdos firmados y relaciones fortalecidas, creando el mundo pluripolar!

Andrew Vachss has a new book out.

This one is going to change how people think about bullying and start some action:

My computer crashed and our editor is gone.

Don't know what else can go wrong. But we have a new widget, lower left hand side, that shows my latest tweets and retweets. Check it out!

Watching streaming live as the Chilean miners are rescured one by one. You may have to refresh the page. It should be a joyous occasion, but I'm in the United States where, by law, if it would maximize corporate profits ***NOT*** to rescue trapped miners, they must be left to die. People don't count for anything in this country, corporate profits are everything.

Long Live Palestine - by LowKey (video)

Not new but still relevant.


The Sound of Science (video)

Just a silly little video, but after a run-in with a Jesus freak on Dandelion Salad (where I no longer post), I thought this was amusing.

Hey, we got a new logo!

Thanks! I like it!

The best information the U.S. got about Al Quedah in Afghanistan

I went to a free movie at the library tonight. It was called, "The Oath" and was supposed to be about two Al Quedah members, one of whom was Osama bin Laden's bodyguard, and the other, who was held seven years in Guantanamo before being released, who had been Osama's cook.

But the cook never said a word.

Funny tweet.


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