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Happy Birthday Fubar!

Fubar is one year old this month.

Happiest birthday to the best little forum on the web. 

Yet another reason to be glad I don't have a Facebook account.

This story has been in the news for a while. A German girl named Thessa in Hamburg ws having a birthday and posted a party invitation on Facebook. Although meant for a few friends, Thessa forgot to mark the invitation private and got 15,000 responses from people who decided to attend the party.

Gmail is down.

At least for me it is.

If anyone wants to contact me, post here or @fubarista on Twitter.

Dreaming of a Twitter Tool

It would make my life a lot easier if Twitter had a setting that would block people automatically. They could list boxes to check or leave unchecked like:



Block people automatically if:

Yet another stolen election.

The story is here:

ICU Psychosis -- a Hell of a Way to Die


I knew I didn't want to ever go to or die in a hospital if I could help it, but I just learned about something called ICU psychosis, Intensive Care Unit Psychosis, quite common among elderly hospital patients.

Deadly Organic Cucumbers

Reports say that 5 people in Germany have died and hundreds are ill from a deadly e coli strain they got from eating organic cucumbers imported from Spain. 

David Ickes - a brief Twitter exchange

whitegirlinasia Tara Milutis

Alot of people may think David Icke is crazy, but this video on 2012 is inspiring> Txs 2 @charlesfrith for the intro

Ash in Germany

AJEnglish says the ash from Iceland's newest volcano eruption is hitting northern Germany now.

The good news: this one's easier to pronounce.  ;)

Happiness and joy!

A few months ago I was talking on the phone with a dear friend who was in constant pain from arthritis and had such great loss of mobility that it was almost impossible to get out of the house. I mentioned that I had started to get arthritis, but had learned about turmeric and that after I started taking turmeric, it went away.

Sorry I haven't been posting.

I had about a dozen tabs open of stuff I wanted to post, and then my brower crashed and I lost them. Don't know if I'd have gotten around to posting them anyway.

Twitter is fucking with me.

And so are some Tweeps. I wonder if there's a connection.

I was surprised to find myself blocked by a couple of Tweeps who usually agreed with me and whose Tweets I usually agreed with and often retweeted. Now if I try to retweet them it says I'm blocked.

Just got scammed. May be offline for good soon.

Except when I can get to the library of course.

I'm using my netbook now, but it is also starting to flash warnings & also has Windows.

My internet connection was down for a few hours.

I went back to sleep, woke up, it was still down, turned on the radio, found a talk show discussing the Japan earthquake, turned out to be Fox News and one of the reporters was getting her news from Twitter. Then the cable service got whatever it was fixed and I was back online again.

So, even Fox, when it wants real news, looks to Twitter. ;)


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