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And there was light!

Corinne sent this along. I've tweeted it and made a small donation. Less energy, less oil, less global warming, fewer wars, what's not to love?

If the photos don't show up below, they can be seen at



Venezuela's Gold

Hugo Chavez has announced that he is demanding the return of Venezuela's gold from western countries like the United States. 

Me vs. the Tenants' Association

Some residents in my building don't like the current management and staff. They don't like the HUD regulations. And they don't like me. In fact, they don't like much of anything. Some of them are even opposed to the subsidized housing they benefit from and always vote against their own interests.

My gmail been down for at least 24 hours now

I notice on Twitter that some other large computer services were also down.

Good thing Fubar is too small to fail.  ;)

The London riots seem to be calming down, so Cameron is bringing in thousands more pigs to try to re-ignite them. Iran has urged him to use restraint and is prepared to send humanitarian observers. For real.

Overcoming Speechlessness by Alice Walker (Book Review link)

I promised myself I wouldn't buy any books this month, since my budget is really busted, but after reading this book review I couldn't help myself. Read the review for yourself and I think you'll see why this little book is a must have:

US Military Trains for Collateral Damage in Germany


Somebody Tweeted this link:

They said that the US military had "accidentally" hit some buildings in a nearby German town.

Happiest Birthday, Turtle!

We love you!


Turtles all the way down.

Gmail seems to be down.

I'm going to sleep and hope that when I wake up 1) Gmail is back up again, and 2) my inbox isn't flooded.

G'nite Fubar.

Flotilla2 to Gaza Blocked by Greek Government

Two of the ships were sabotaged while in port, mostly likely by Israel or by the Greek government on orders from Israel.

The US Boat to Gaza left port today but was turned back by armed commandos of the Greek government, obviously on orders from the US and Israel.

Pro-Gaddafi demonstration in Libya - live stream online

The crowd is enormous and there were processions in the streets.

Gaddafi spoke for a long time and a woman just finished speaking in English. The woman said that Hillary Clinton lied. 

Where Did the Towers Go?

I am now the extremely proud owner of Judy Wood's book, Where Did the Towers Go?

Although I think that everything in the book is available on Wood's website, the book is much eaiser for me to navigate.

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