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Bedbug Bedlam: HUD Senior Housing in San Diego

Before I post the lengthy "crazier than a bedbug" correspondence between myself and management in San Diego Square, a HUD-subsidized low-income senior building in downtown San Diego which is owned by a "legally separate" affiliate of the San Diego Housing Commission (the same man, Richard C.

Today is the birthday of the granddaughter I'll never meet.

I wasn't a fit parent and I didn't get to raise my daughters. One of them emails me occasionally. The other, the younger one, does not. It is the younger one, the lesbian, who had children, a son and a daughter apparently conceived by in vitro fertilization.

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There is an excellent article here:

It outlines the problems with our electoral system, but it does not provide a solution.

My reply is still awaiting moderation, so I'm posting it here in the interim:


Sarah M. Price Hansen: Presente!

Coacoa joined the ancestors on June 8, 2014.

Those of us who read her insightful blogs and compassionate comments are grateful that she chose to grace Fubar with her presence for many years.

Sarah was a warrior in the best sense of the word, and never turned her back on injustice.

LINUX at Last

Okay, I should have switched to LINUX years ago, but I'm not a techie and I was frightened.

Life Without Music

When I was younger, those years when I was always stoned and thought I was in a movie, life had a soundtrack. There were no iPods back then, so the music came from cheap transistor radios, or someone's phonograph. I particularly loved live music, and enjoyed going to clubs in New York to listen to jazz or folk. But I liked all genres and listened to music all the time.

Editing problems.

Well, we have some software problems now. Usually when we post a link, it automatically turns into a hyperlink so people can click on it, but when I did it just now, it only posted as text that you couldn't click on.

Twitter Widget and Left Sidebar

Sure do miss rossi.

The Twitter Widget wasn't working for me, so I tried a bunch of stuff and couldn't fix it.

Finally I deleted it and got a new one.

Unfortunately this one isn't as nice as the one rossi had, and it is bigger. Also it is above the "New Topics" instead of below it.

Error message when posting

I posted an article a little while ago and got an error message. I clicked OK and got a second error message. I clicked OK on that and the article finally posted.

A few minutes later I posted another article and this time I didn't get any error messages.


No more broadband for me--I'm back on dial-up

I didn't realize that there would be hardly any difference. The broadband service here is so slow that dial-up is about the same.

Fubar pages do take a few seconds longer to load, but that's not a problem. My email and Twitter don't seem to be any slower.

Sweet little old lady baby-killers.

I am heartsick.

I live in a senior building. Yesterday I was downstairs in the lobby talking to some of my nicest neighbors. Unfortunately, it turns out that they're Democrats.

When Bush was drone-bombing innocent children, they were angry.

Chumbawamba - Bella Ciao (Music video)

It was Rossi who turned me on to Chumbawamba, a band that had a long life and will soon no longer be with us, as Rossi is no longer with us, but both are, in their own ways, eternal. Goodbye, beautiful! Bella ciao!



Do Not Resuscitate

I got the book from the library, made out a legal California Living Will that says Do NOT Resuscitate, and then worried about how the paramedics would know that I have a living will and do not wish to be resuscitated.

Rossi Is Still With Us In Spirit


Rossi passed away at 4:09 a.m.

He was the technical end, and the force and driving spirit of Fubar. He will always be loved and remembered.



humanERROR by Frying Dutchman




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